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1. Click on the website that you would like to post a review for.

2. Scroll down until you see the four criteria: price, process and effect, support, and overall performance.

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Tips for leaving feedback

Reviews consist of four different criteria:

  • Price: How do you rate this website’s pricing? Is it rather pricey? Are there any hidden costs like shipping, taxes or other fees?.
  • Process and effect: Did the website live up to what was promised? What was the effect for you website?
  • Support: How did you like their customer support? Were your questions answered promptly? Was support as responsive as expected?
  • Overall performance: What was your overall impression of the quality of this website? This does not need be an average of points given to the individual criteria.

Please explain why you rate the website the way you do in the comments section. Try to be objective and fair. Avoid using all caps, use exclamation points sparingly, and be respectful.