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As it shouts out from the homepage, Magnite is the world’s largest independent SSP – a one-stop omnichannel shop when you want to buy Ads services from, or supply ads to, the right digital environments. Established in 2020 and soon taking over multiple smaller fry – if you can call the billion dollar SpotX video advertising platform small fry – here is where small and giant publishers alike source more lucrative sources of revenue. Transparency plays a primary role at Magnite and the company signed with fake news watchdog NewsGuard despite a predicted loss in shares value. And having played a major role in the development of the opensource fair bidding organization, it’s obvious Magnite is a conscientious sell-side platform. Contact the company (the customer services department is renowned for both speed and expertise) and locate the right ad partners for every possible channel. You’ll be joining the ranks of clients like Disney. Even so, signing up with Magnite is very cost-efficient, even for smaller enterprises.

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  1. Hieu Nguyen
    October 21st, 2019

    Rubicon Project is currently only being used by the digital advertising department and is used to sell Gameloft inventory through the open market or direct deals with clients.If a colleague needed a platform with fast customer service and detailed reporting to sell their mobile inventory then I would recommend Rubicon Project. However, if my colleague needed a platform that gave instant current reporting data then I would be less likely to recommend Rubicon Project to them.


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