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About ExoClick.com

ExoClick.com claims to be the innovative ad network as it is ranked as the 4th in the world, serving 155+ billion ads a month to a global network of web and mobile platforms since 2006. Its software allows you to personalize online traffic by classifying it through behavior and geographical locations. They have worked with large organizations such as Ladbrokes, birdview and 888 Holdings.

They have several options for both publishers and advertisers who are thinking of working with them to ensure success in their own respective businesses. Publishers and guidelines also have different guidelines to follow whenever working with ExoClick.

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  1. Ronnie
    April 25th, 2020

    They aaaadO pay – but VERY LITTLE…. insultingly little… by far my lowest paying traffic source – to the tune of $0.002- $0.004 CPM yes, 1/5 to 2/5 of a penny per 1000 views) on Tier 1 traffic that has about a 2-3% CTR .. I get surprised every month or two by a payment from them through paypal but it’s such a low rev stream I dont even really monitor it anymore – wasnt cost effective, I’ve tried optimizing it, and their suggestions from the “AM’s” are useless and make zero impact.

    Outright scam? no = worth your time and website space? also a resounding NO

  2. Ken
    April 18th, 2020

    I was blocked when I reached the minimum amount to pay out. Exoclick is a Scam site.

  3. Aliyu Ndagi
    January 1st, 2020

    I was about to Signup on Exoclick but since i saw this Scam Review, i will not use them again.

  4. Charles
    December 19th, 2019

    A great and legit ad network!

  5. Peter
    April 15th, 2019

    I am a dating affiliate and I have been using ExoClick specifically for pushing dating products. By using their CPC of email clicks I can carry out 1 on 1 personalised email marketing to dating site members. The traffic is exclusive and I have been getting a lot of success with sign ups to my landing pages. The targeting they offer is one of the best from trying other networks.

    ExoClick is great for optimisation tools: I have tried their Bidder and I have really been able to keep my bidding costs down, I also tried their Offers tool which sends automates sending more traffic to the LP that converts the best. Next I plan to look more into their API because there are lots of ways i can use it to automate stuff. I work alone so these tools help me scale up campaigns.

    • Suraj
      October 30th, 2019

      How setup campaign on exoclick and get it approved as earlier I tried for this but don’t know why they blocked my account without any specific reason. Could anyone help me with that?

  6. Bill
    January 16th, 2019

    I have been their publisher for years now and I have to say they are great, always on time and reliable, not sure why theres so many negative reviews out there.

    Never tried being an advertiser but I do see many big names on their network, so it dont really make sense that the big players will be with them if they are fakes.

  7. Marc
    November 23rd, 2018

    I have been working with ExoClick traffic for 5 years now and their platform is the best. I used to promote nutra offers, now I promote games because I get a higher conversion rate. They keep adding new optimisation features, which really helps me fine tune my campaigns so I get good ROI. They introduced the bidder feature this year which has let me automate many of my campaigns and block websites ad zones that don’t reach my goals.

    I don’t have an account manager there, but their client care department always get back to me within a couple of hours if I have a problem. They have also gave me good advice about video advertising a few months ago and it really helped me.

    I do try other networks sometimes just to A/B test campaigns and traffic sources and usually I only break even, but with ExoClick I generally make good money.

  8. Safarish Ali
    October 4th, 2018

    I open an account with them 3 days back and before opening account i forget to check its reviews. EXOCLICK is totally a shit and not friendly for new Advertisers.I have uploaded the funds which were minimum 200$ and after adding balance i run a campaign and was waiting for its approval.Instead of getting campaign approval i got an email that they block my account& no reasons were provide
    EXOCLICK is not a friendly website for advertisers just they are wasting time and holding money of people
    EXOCLICK is a scam site
    I never suggest any new advertiser to deposit any funds with them because they will close your account with no reason provided

  9. Patrick
    September 27th, 2018

    We have been using exoclick for years now. We run one of the first adult sites in the industry. Exoclick has been very good to us. No problems with the weekly payments, over all pretty clean ads…

    the negative reviews on this page are most likely people using clickbots and such the drive traffic, which gets their account closed. Read the TOS, they would have known this would happen. If you send clean traffic there are no issues whatsoever!

  10. giliany
    August 6th, 2018

    Exoclick Scam Not Paying, my earning Balance is gone…. This Company Big Scam

  11. Exoclick will still you
    August 5th, 2018

    They are scammers, the positive reviews is either bots or exoclick people trying to fix the situation. Fucking scammers

  12. Akshay
    June 23rd, 2018

    with them from 2years and their support is good and payment also done ontime

    those are saying bad things they must did no ethical things
    well i own a adult site and from that i generating revenue

  13. Pinoy tv
    March 8th, 2018

    Why all are giving bad reveiws? It means exoclick is Scam

  14. Javier
    March 5th, 2018

    Exoclick closed 2 accounts with 200$ balance, fuck them scammers

  15. Nando
    August 22nd, 2017

    Same thing happened to me, made 20USD and then got an email saying my account was banned because traffic didn’t meet advertisers standard, my account was closed they said no pending balance would be paid. They say ‘Traffic doesn’t meet advertisers standards’ I wonder why they didn’t say so when my balance was 5USD or 10USD, they waited until I wanted to cash out why? PLUS all my traffic 99% of it it’s from facebook ads so how is that no good traffi?


  16. Anonymous
    August 7th, 2017

    Solid company, always paying on time, great real time stats

  17. George
    May 6th, 2017

    Exoclick Scammer,

    Not Paying – Bad Reputation ….. Don’t use exoclick

  18. sajen
    May 6th, 2017

    Exoclick Scam,

    You Will Banned After Request First Payment

  19. Simon
    April 27th, 2017

    I work not only exoclick on my site. It is not bad ad network but there are adsterra, clickadu, hilltop, etc, and I work with all of them via mediation service AdSpyglass. I can manage all the ad networks. It gives me more profit then when I worked with exoclick only.

  20. Sex Toys
    March 10th, 2017

    This company is a joke. I put in my application, created my ads, paid them the $200 minimum, then all of a sudden I get an email saying my account has been shut down permanently, it’s non negotiable, and best of all they won’t tell me why. Stand up company, bravo.

  21. Len Bartle
    January 5th, 2017

    As an advertiser I found their traffic to be poor quality and now I have decide to not bother with them any more I asked to close my account which i funded and has a balance of $170.00 they tell me yes they will close it but NO they will not provide a refund. They are just Thieves. Six other traffic source all refunded balances.
    Copy of their reply is below:

    ExoClick Customer Services via email.kayako.com
    14:55 (4 hours ago)

    to me
    Hello Leonard,

    Thank you for contacting ExoClick Customer Services regarding your request to close your account and have your balance refunded.

    I am sorry to hear that you are wishing to close your account and no longer want to run campaigns with us and would like to find out a little more as to your requirements for traffic and the reasons you felt the platform didn´t work for you.

    Since it has been over 6 months since you initially funded the account, your account is unfortunately not eligible for a refund on the remaining account balance. Because of this, I would like to assist you further in testing traffic to see if by using up the remaining balance which will need to be done or this will be lost, we may be able to generate some good test results to get the traffic you are looking for.

    If you have any new plans or offers you need traffic for, please let me know your plans for this and I can advise further how this could be done.

    However, if you are sure you would like to close your account, please let me know and I can do this for you, however a refund would unfortunately not be possible.

    I look forward to your reply to hear more about your requirements.

    Kind regards,

    Client Care Specialist
    Client Care
    ExoClick Customer Services

    I am assigned to your ticket and I will be available for you Sun-Thurs 12:30pm-9pm(CET)

  22. Shawn
    November 9th, 2016

    I use ExoClick when I was a beginner in PPC and Adwords. With their help, I get traffic fast, and cheap – just 1 cent a click. I’d say my experience with them is satisfactory – good traffic for a much lower price.

  23. Cherry
    November 9th, 2016

    ExoClick is generally OK but not impressive. I tried it for two months and I don’t like it. First, I don’t like it because I don’t like my website look messed up with other ads. Second, you have to generate large amount of traffic to make a decent earning from ads. And lastly, the site seem to have malware!

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