Top 10 Infographic Blogs 2021

Whether you are designing a logo, storefront or website, or publishing a white paper or brochure, using pre-designed graphics saves a lot of time and energy. While choices and often quality were very limited a decade ago, there’s now no excuse for low-spec graphics. Even the least creative minds can produce eye-catching, visually informative and highly professional results.


Most infographics can be customized to your requirements. Pie charts allow you to fill in data and add your company logo or colours. You can select fonts and sizes. All with a minimum of design knowledge.


There’s one thing you should know, and that is what format your media requires. There are many different file types out there. If you have ever tried to reduce the size of a jpeg on Paint, you might have experienced a pixelated result with difficult-to-read text.


So let’s look at the different file types out there before continuing with our Etsy Geeks list of top infographic blogs and sources for 2020 and 2021.

Different Infographic File Types


The first distinguishing feature of infographic file types is how the images are created – vector or raster.


  • Vector: basic shapes that don’t lose on quality when adjusted to different sizes
    • Logos
    • Illustrations
    • Brochures
    • Posters and print
  • Raster: pixel-based images that can lose quality when adjusted
    • Web pages
    • Photograph editing
    • Textures


Vector files come in different formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (AI) files
    • Editing is limited to Adobe Illustrator and most designers use this form; however, they can also supply vectors in EPS and PDF format
  • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
    • Commonly used for logos and illustrations, especially for printing purposes.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
    • For any physical and digital printing


Raster files are also found in different formats:

  • Photoshop Document (PSD)
    • Can only be edited if you have Adobe Photoshop installed, but high-quality images that can be up- and downscaled without compromising on quality.
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG or JPG)
    • Complex images (photographs and multi-coloured images) that are compressed without losing detail; however, after further editing, quality might be a problem.
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
    • Most of us have sent an animated GIF on our smartphones or via social media. These files suit animations and graphics are often referred to as infographics. They will often take up more space than a simple graphic and are produced in low resolution.
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG or PING)
    • Developed to replace GIF files, PNG is commonly used on the web. Files take up more space than a JPG but you will have less resolution loss when up- or downscaling.


Most infographic designers provide graphics in various formats. How you or your design team integrates these in your advertising and other services should take into account which files work best for different channels.

Top Infographics List for 2020 and 2021

Now you know your files, it’s time to find the right source. As with all of our top list blogs, we’ve researched what’s on offer and done the legwork for you.


Click on the links of those sources that suit your needs and have a look at how these top infographics blogs and other services can help you produce the perfect website, storefront, brochure, and even T-shirt for your business.


We’ve not listed these chart-toppers in any particular order, by the way.


Social Media★★★★★

Having already won awards for this huge database of infographic information, there’s plenty to read and view on Infographic Plaza. It publishes the latest infographics used on top sites, offering a lot of inspiration to designers and infographic creators alike.


Categories span from animal to video infographics with examples of how they look online and free embed codes, too. Infographic Plaza is a showcase site for designers and not a marketplace. There’s no hard-sell, so browse at your leisure.


Social Media★★★★

Another platform for infographic creators that other interested parties can discover is GalleryR.

As with many of these infographic blog sites, you are bound to come across the same images as you may have seen on other sites, but that’s to be expected.


Infographic designers want their work to be viewed on as many sites as possible, and website owners also depend on clicks to advertise their website.


For those of you looking for infographic inspiration, simply click on the regularly-updated blogs that are of interest. You can’t buy them, but you can click on the link to view the online version of the graphic and work from there.


Social Media★★★★★

Information certainly can be beautiful, and when you land on the Love Infographics website, you’ll see exactly how. You won’t find logos or animated GIFS for your smartphone here but fact- and data-based infographics that really look good.

The site not only runs this top infographic blog, but is also working  to help designers create stunning interactive data-visualizations and stories.


Social Media★★★☆☆

This website not only contains a blog but also links to tools that teach newbies and assist professionals in creating infographics. Alternatively, use Infographics Archive to find the best infographic design agency for your needs.


Since 2011, IA has displayed the fruits of design labour in an easy-to-navigate and attractive format. Just like many of the sites on this list, Infographics Archive’s primary goal is to provide a service to infographics creators.


Select a category or simply scroll through their homepage to find ideas that will add the right vibe to your own digital presence.


Social Media★★★★

Run by Nagendra and Rafe since 2014, InfographicPortal is a graphics-showcasing site that also includes information about data visualization (infographic) types and benefits. Bright and attractive graphics are posted almost daily with – naturally – links to the source page.


Although InfographicPortal isn’t the top reviewed infographic site, what you won’t find is carbon-copies of other infographic websites. Nagendra and Rafe obviously look at infographics from all over the world and select a few of these that span different categories. The only negative is that you can’t browse per category.


Social Media★★★★

The name of this domain is self-explanatory and Submit Infographics doesn’t hide its target market – designers. They want data visualization designers to advertise their work here.


Part of Killer Infographics, Inc in the US, you’ll also find a little info about the designer here, as well as access immediate reviews of the websites they have designed for. We love the homepage of Submit Infographics as it features entire infographic sets rather than a list of screenshots.


You’ll get the full picture without needing to click. There’s a live search bar and a per-category search option, too.


Social Media★★★★★

Unlike our other options up to this point, PikToChart isn’t an infographic blog or archive but a visual content tool with a free plan to help you decide whether this tool works for you. Chances are, it will.


Learn to create presentations, reports, infographics, brochures, social media graphics and even posters using their tutorials and how-to’s. Implement the PikToChart tool in your HR, marketing or finance department, or sign up a team to work on your infographics in a brainstorming session.


Social Media★★★★

Available in multiple languages, InfoGram features a blog in addition to its data visualization tool. There’s a free version that can introduce you to how the tool works and competitively-priced Pro and Business plans to get your own design department creating fine-tuned infographics for your company.


Review sites score the InfoGram tool extremely high and you don’t need extensive knowledge to use it. From email headers to posters and from charts to reports, there’s a customizable template for everything at InfoGram.


Social Media★★★★

Another high-scoring infographic maker that doubles as a design agency, Easelly is renowned for its user-friendliness and customer service. Huge supermarket chains and universities make use of these infographic services based in Washington, US.


You can use Easelly in one of nine languages and take advantage of the many available webinars and tutorials. If you are starting up a one-man or one-woman enterprise, aren’t particularly design-minded and don’t want to pay top dollar, Easelly is the right choice for you.


Social Media★★★☆☆

If you want to leave your data visualization in the hands of an expert, Killer Visual Strategies in Seattle is a great choice.


You can take advantage of multimedia and multilingual experts to produce cutting-edge infographics that bring your website and physical advertising to the standards of top companies. This young team works on print and digital design, campaigns and training and every subcategory thereof.


Winning multiple awards not only for design but also their working environment, you’ll soon see that happy employees produce the best work. KVS also publishes its own ebooks – all you have to do is fill in the form to receive your free link.