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About Icoda.io

Icoda Digital Agency, based in Florida, US, was founded in 2017. As with most crypto marketing agencies, online reviews are rare. Even so, we’d expect to see more of them for a company with a 5 year track record.

With remote experts living and working in Moscow, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Shenzhen, Minsk, Mainz and Tokyo, they’re very happy to arrange a face to face to prove what they can do. 

Icoda crypto marketing services span everything. Scroll to their menu and you’ll see what we mean. They also offer blockchain devs from website creation to market making, and from market making to trading and exchange. And if you’re worried about transactions, what about letting your clients make transactions via their cryptocurrency Escrow service?

We definitely recommend you delve into the website’s Education section and blog. But the real pull for Icoda is it’s specialism in Chinese, Russian and Korean crypto marketing services. Tap into these lucrative markets with someone in the know, from Icoda.

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  1. Robert
    May 6th, 2023

    They promise a lot and make the result 0. They copy other people’s smart contracts from the Thirdweb platform posing as their own.
    If you don’t want to be scammed and waste your money then don’t contact them.

  2. Jessica Hamilton
    February 17th, 2022

    We do not comment on the quality of services. Nevertheless, we are able to judge the way Icoda treats its providers.
    Which probably reflects the way they treat their customers.

    Indeed, we have been approached by Icoda, wishing to outsource a service for one of their customer.

    We completed the service within the agreed time frame. Once the service was delivered, the CEO of Icoda himself clearly informed us that he did not want to pay us. The reasons given were that the client did not want to pay, so they could not pay us.

    So we contacted the client directly and got the real story. Icoda’s boss told his customer that he was going to provide a free service.
    So they had no intention of paying us, right from the start.

    These are the methods of a mafia.

    So we had to negotiate directly with Icoda’s customer, who agreed to pay us part of the amount.

    To date, we have not heard back from Icoda, although they still owe us some money.

    In my humble opinion, this is no way to do business.


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