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Careful when you type the Buyyoutubviews URL into your browser … it’s not ‘tube’, it’s tub!

This is one of the few sites that makes it clear that low-cost bought engagement is only a small part of your social media marketing strategy. In the end, it’s all about the quality of your profile and posts.

BYTV isn’t just a YouTube buy views opportunity, or one of many YouTube ranking services offering low-cost, near-instant engagement. You get to pick the same for Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Vevo, too. There are also options for US and UK engagement, as well as high retention packages for various networks.

Again, high retention depends more on your channel than the service that forwards social media network users. 1000 ‘high retention’ YouTube views will set you back $5. The same number of ‘regular’ views costs just $1 less. While 1000 premium YouTube views is $8. But the website is missing a trick as it doesn’t go into the differences between its many different packages.

That said, we like the multiple options that include targeted countries, comments, and subscribers. As social media – especially YouTube ranking services – go, BYTV looks a safe bet.

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