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Whether you are an advertiser who wants to bring in a ton of traffic to your site or a publisher who wants to make money through the ads that you are getting, you are going to want to take a look at what this website has to offer on those fronts. It’s an incredible resource that goes a long way towards offering useful features for you to take advantage of with regards to ads.

For example, you can join this site as a member who specializes in bringing in traffic via ads and you will be given plenty of support, in exchange. You are also going to get to choose the prices that you want, so this gives you plenty of room to make adjustments as necessary. The payments are also handled quite quickly, so there is no need for you to wait for days to get the money that you need.

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  1. Bobby Hendry
    April 25th, 2020

    Wow wrote an honest and LENGTHY review of my actual experience as an advertiser and a pubisher with them and it was deleted within 10 seconds – probably for being “negative” – literally at leaset a 750-1k Word review citing actual facts and experience – poof – I guess they really DO pay for their repuation

  2. Bobby
    April 25th, 2020

    These guys must be shelling out a WHOLE LOT of money for paid positive reviews – because honestly I’ve tried them from both ends (advertiser and publisher) and the positive reviewsI read about them are honestly laughable.

    As an advertiser – They’re more expensive than they should be (especially when you consider the payouts, but I’ll get to that in a second) I’m convnced it’s MAINLY inorganic traffic that they serve to advertisers who buy traffic directly through their platform.

    They also resell traffic to larger ad networks (probably the genuine traffic from the actual publishers) meanwhile as an advertiser you’ll en up with 2500 -8000 Visitors per hour at about $2-2.50 CPM, that will have 100% Bounce rate 1 second average visit length – zero value, and actually hurt your SE rankngs….. Im fairly confident the traffic they sell to other networks is higher quality than that, because any network would cut off a publisher in a heartbeat for that sort of nonsense traffic.

    Their publishers, out of those CPM rates get paid for only the first popup from any given visitor (although advetisers pay for EVERY SINGLE view, whether the IP has been shown their ad once or 100k times that day) – at a paltry rate of $0.20-0.40 CPM (only counting one per IP, even thugh multiple per IP are shown to their visitors and advertisers are charged 5-10x the publisher’s payout rate per impression)

    You think that’s bad? Get this –

    They take it A STEP FURTHER and require that it be the first impression that visitor had been shown that day of ANY AD WITHIN THEIR NETWORK OF 100K+ PUBLISHER SITES – (a metric that is conveniently impossible to prove them wrong on) – so they OFTEN end up screwing small publishers by Showing their visitors and charging advertisers for say 4000 views, while paying the publisher for 40 AND at about 1/10th of what they charge the advertisers.

    Like I said, not a lot to like about that company, nothing “up front” or “ethical” about them

    • Bobby Hendry
      April 25th, 2020

      Miscliced – I meant to EXPLICITLY give them a negative review so here

  3. Atish Patel
    March 9th, 2020

    Popads is really given high CPM rates. I use it for the movie downloading website.
    They helped me with my payment that was stuck with Paypal.

  4. Andrea Campus
    December 1st, 2019

    I’m supposed to be getting a lot of money from ads by now and still nothing is happening.

  5. Martin Davids
    October 2nd, 2019

    Awesome ads services! I’m beyond ecstatic right now.

  6. Allan Robinson
    August 14th, 2019

    Happy camper here hoping my recommendation will lead to more happy campers.

  7. Candice Timberwoods
    July 3rd, 2019

    I was not sure that going with this site was such a good idea but I was soon proven wrong and I am so glad that I was.

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