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While the TOTR website is hardly wow-worthy, this YouTube ranking service is another safe contender. With authorities like Neil Patel and MOZ assuring us that SERP CTR ranks in the Google algorithm, this is less of a YouTube specialist than an all-in-one marketing tool.

But if you run playlists, you can certainly apply the TopOfTheResults tool to your videos. BUT this is not organic traffic – it’s organic-like traffic. In short, bots. This isn’t a bad thing at all if the bot generator is undetected. And with carefully designed products like this, there’s no reason it will be.

Your visits will look real to the YouTube algorithm. This also means you can tweak your virtual viewers and even the bounce rate (never be tempted to switch it to an unrealistic 0%!). And in contrast to a YouTube buy views service, you configure the bot generator to send traffic via Google, Bing, Google My Business or Bing Places for Business results, searching a specific Youtube video, or specifying an URL.

So if you’re not afraid of bots and use multiple channels to promote your videos, TopOfTheResults might be the right solution. Try the tool for free with their $0 per month plan.

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