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About 10khits.com

A website that basically builds on the community driven traffic generating trend, this platform basically helps you get the kind of traffic that you are looking for on a truly grand scale. You can basically get up to 50K points of traffic that you will be able to use to help with the visibility of your website. Suffice it to say, if you want to make the most of your participation in this particular event, you are going to have to cough up some dough.

On that note, you can actually try the free version of this service where you can sign up without having to pay money. You will then be able to test if this site’s services are what you are looking for and if it can suit your needs. The features like scalability and being able to target specific locations are a great bonus for you, as well.

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  1. ABHAY
    May 12th, 2020

    best app

  2. gorgor
    April 26th, 2020

    1 hit only hahaha

  3. New news
    April 17th, 2020

    New news.

  4. Farina
    November 25th, 2019

    I tried 10khits but did not deliver the amount of traffic. I set to 100 traffic per day but only receive about 20 or 30 max. Gonna delete my account today this site only give me more stress. 🙁

  5. Megan Burke
    November 17th, 2019

    In just a month, I have gotten more traffic to my site than I have ever seen in a year. I’m so happy right now, I’m actually skipping.

  6. Tommy Rundell
    November 13th, 2019

    Having traffic should be a good thing. If what you want is for people to just visit your website and you do not care if they are non-targeted or low-quality traffic, then 10KHits is one place that will make you happy for sure.

  7. Helen Amaya
    November 13th, 2019

    Not good as expected, I’m supposed to be getting 1k hits a day according to the graph but in reality, I’m getting less than 60 hits a day on my gaming site.

    So for example, according to their site in a week i’ve had over 7k traffic to my site but in reality, I’ve had less than 500.

  8. Pepe Mark Martinez
    October 7th, 2019

    This free traffic site is awesome! I’ve been using it for a while and cannot believe I can get traffic this easily. And it’s legal too! How is that even possible?

  9. Shiela Kummar
    May 10th, 2019

    Sky high traffic, Would definitely recommend this site.

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