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50onred.com can become a primary source of PPV networks and is usable for both advertisers and publishers. Upon signing up with them, advertisers can make of RTX Platforms which is specifically designed to connect thousands of advertisers from several networks. For publishers, 50onred has four unique features which can help customers earn traffic. This includes InText advertising, display advertising, e-commerce and full page CPV. So regardless if what type of business customers have, their traffic demand can be addressed by 50onred with the many features it has for them.

They claim to have a worldwide reach and virus and malware bundling options.

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  1. Rios
    March 2nd, 2019

    50onRed or RTX used to be a great network. With high quality traffic. Lately they are focusing on what’s best for them and not thinking on their advertisers. The quality of traffic sucks and they have created (with their system) an war in bids so if you want to receive the “good quality” traffic you need to overpay for it. Yes, overpay is the right word. They added this new optimization strategy called the boost tiers that clasifies the traffic in 3 categories; high, medium or low. The low quality or new sources are located in the low tier, but if you get a lead it will be reclassified as Medium and eventually high. So if you initially pay 0.01 for the impression be sure that it will go up to 0.50 or even more during a couple of days. Their algorith will try to fish you and make you increase bids so that eventually it will go higher and make you campaign not profitable. With absurd low ROIs. They will no listen to the advertiser’s reviews. In overall you can make campaigns profitable, just don’t increase bids too much or you will lose money fast. I have over 10k campaigns running and it will provide generous amounts of leads. Just don’t fall for their tricks and make sure you contact your AM when you feel scammed.

  2. Della
    December 1st, 2018

    sounds very interesting.

  3. Anonymous
    June 9th, 2018

    poor traffic

  4. Ritzman
    May 21st, 2017

    Im a newbie, and am wondering if this could be like 7 search? right? seems both have the same fee for funding an account

    • Vick
      August 21st, 2018

      Yes. But unique features of 50onread makes it effective compares to 7 search.

  5. Alicia
    November 10th, 2016

    The minimum bid is a reasonable fee. I also read a blog and it says that 50onred is now RTX and you can able to get the $50 bonus if only you deposit $500. urghhhh!


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