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About is an online advertising network founded on 2003 and is physically located in India. Its name which means “snap of fingers” in south Indian language is how they describe their ad speed displayed in every website. It already earned recognition from organizations namely from Silicon India and The Indus Entrepreneurs.

Both advertisers and publishers are catered by the company with distinct product and services as they promise the perfect balance of user experience and monetization. For advertisers, they can implement local targeting, cost-effective ads and technologically advanced marketing. Publishers can maximize their website’s revenue as Chitika integrates ads to their existing website ad and content.

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  2. V Guillaume
    August 20th, 2018

    Chitika is a MAJOR SCAM!. Their customer service is also bad. At first they showed ads, once I connected the links to my Blog. They it all stopped. I could not contact Chitika, although I sent many emails. Telephone calls to them do not work either. You get a msg, to leave a msg. You have to be careful about ad networks like Chitika. They do have your personal information, that they can either sell, or steal. This should make you think twice about signing up. This is also a 7 billion dollar industry fraud, (look it up online). Advertisers gets scammed and also Publishers. The ones who benefit are companies like Chitika and the agencies they do business with.
    Really and truly, stay away from Chitika. IT IS A SCAM!!

  3. m
    July 2nd, 2018

    They owe me some amount, and I’m surprised that they didn’t pay it for many years. I warned them many times with no response. Eventually they said you need to create a Payoneer account.

    What? It was not part of the deal.
    I was supposed to get money by Paypal.
    They refuse to pay Paypal. They don;t even respond emails.
    I don’t want to use their service anymore but they owe me and I want my money by Paypal, because things were set up this way.

    Payoneer requires date of birth and who knows, maybe some naked pictures which they won’t use for bad purposes!

    They change rules in the middle of the game, steal moneym and ignore.

    There was another problem: They show irrelevant low paying ads and maybe there was a scam there also..But now they steal money and they require information which I wouldn’t give to them.

    You were paying by PAYPAL, why can’t you now?
    Because you will sell my info or use it abusively.
    How can you ask extra info for no legitimate reason!


  4. Philip
    July 1st, 2018

    Erm, it is the first today – the money that was earned by Chitika ads is not listed in my account anymore. Any thoughts on this? I can’t see anywhere those monies listed!

    I am not impressed with these guys at all. Slow support to boot!

    Their Facebook Page is LITTERED to no end of pure angry complaints. Chitika says that they are looking for Tier 1 traffic, USA, CANADA, UK and THEY ARE BASED IN INDIA!!! I am gob smacked!

    Anyways they are a waste of time for so far. I think I will just remove their ads same way they just removed my earnings – to hell with them!

    – Philip.

  5. Khurram Shafique
    June 1st, 2018

    Without writing to much about Chitika, its kind of wasting time to use ads from Chitika, after using one week on my site I removed as what earning they added is kind of joke, the majority of links blocked and no bids.. so better looking for some other option.. not much information you can find on site how much they will pay you for you CPM

  6. Rolando
    April 26th, 2018

    After a few weeks they canceled my account saying that I violated the terms and conditions, it is strange, I am very careful with that, even adsense is more delicate with those, and I am very sure my site was not cheating, I got adsense n the same page.

    So they take your money and your time; do not use the service, they will scam you out at the end, they will keep showing ads even if you have the account “disabled” and take your profits.

  7. Josh
    May 3rd, 2017

    They failed to “find” the www of my site and open it for bidding, so about 300 clicks are gone to waste. They also added many unauthorized subdomains which compromised my security. Now everyone saw those secret subdomains in the bidding window, but I will never get paid because no one will see the “” as an option to “bid” for.

    There is no way for me to simply manually add my fully qualified domain name. Support is non-existent, there is no phone number, and the address leads to a building with no mention of them.



  8. Jude
    November 9th, 2016

    I use Chitika on my blog for 2 months now, and I’m very impressed with its delivery. My blog has 78% serach engine traffic and Chitika has targeted to that traffic.

    • khan G
      January 22nd, 2017

      good to know…
      if i drive traffic from social media lets say 2000-5000+ a day
      will Chitika works? as the traffic will not be from search engine

      is Chitika is good in paying money on time?
      although what about CPM and RPM

      waiting for your reply please !


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      • 0
  9. Steve
    November 9th, 2016

    I signed up to Chitika as a publisher and have their ads displayed on my site for a month now. I started to see a higher click thru rate – the ads appeal to most of my visitors.


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