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*NOTE: This website is no longer in business

About has been operating since 2007 and offers its members various ways to earn namely visiting free websites, playing clixgrid, paid surveys and referring others. Members can earn from $0.01 per ad view and $0.1 to $5 for every completed survey. However, some of the surveys posted through their websites are geographically targeted meaning, not all surveys can be taken by all of the members. Referral programs also help members in earning online. And since there is no limit for referrals, members can earn more if they can refer more members to sign up.

This feature can be used by anyone who has internet access – from beginner to professional online workers.

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  1. Michael O.
    August 1st, 2019

    I have had about Serpclix, just going to give it a try now.
    Thanks for this information

  2. prathap013
    July 23rd, 2019

    I’m impressed my how they are able to run this scam website for so long. The are the masters of being fake genuine. Many times they don’t reward you for taking the survey. I spent more than 20 minutes on a survey and they did not pay me, saying I am disqualified while I completed the whole survey.

    What they do is they just pay only few times you complete the survey and other times keep all the money for themselves telling you are not qualified. Clixsense my ass, wasted hours of my time on this scam website.

  3. Aaron
    May 29th, 2019

    It will cost you a lot of time. When you do the survey, as long as there are answers in the questions that do not meet their requirements, you will be eliminated (maybe after you have done 10 minutes of questions), so you will waste a lot of time. And still have no income. I used to send an hour to do the survey, but the income is 0 dollars! ! ! !

  4. Summy
    March 16th, 2019

    This type of PTC sites required more patience & efforts because they offered less money as compared to time we spent on it.

  5. John Malcovich
    March 13th, 2019

    It’s a waste of time. After trying to join many surveys, they still did not gave any incentive. I managed to do a lot of surveys and it says finished. Then kicked me out, saying I’m not qualified despite finishing the survey. It’s a scam they’re doing it just for the traffic

  6. Vicky
    February 4th, 2019

    Scam! 😡

  7. tubs
    January 5th, 2019

    all u need is time and patience. I withdrew twice. Won’t make you rich but a good paying site

  8. Umbananitumani
    December 15th, 2018

    There is a woman mod in englis forum that rude and bitchy to members. Val? something. Dont remember. What a bitch. Clixsense has high fees and pays when they feel to do so. 1 week. 2weeks. or maybe 1 month? Clixsense is total SCAM !

  9. Ashok
    December 15th, 2018

    Most of users are thinking clicksense is a scam but it is a real paying site and i personally found that it is not only a paying site apart from that it is a best site suitable for income generation.Most of users dont get surveys initially but after 1 or 2 days you start and you know how to qualify for surveys after that you will get around 100+ surveys a day.Now i am easily getting minimum 10$ a day from attending surveys only in my free time.In my initial sign up stage i left clicksense for months because of survey disqualifications but now i am benefiting.What i mentioned as income generation was its affiliate program by their affiliate program if you refer a person you will get 30% of their earning also daily bonus is their then dont leave clicksense it will really work.
    This is my referral link if you. try clicksense

  10. APURBA
    December 4th, 2018

    Don’t wastr your time by taking servey it will eat yout time and profit is zero. They will give you $1 to $5 for signup bonus. And after that they will use you for their traffic when you start taking survey always same things appear oppssss no more survey available,we are taking you another survey after answered some question they will kick you out and popup like you are not eligible for this survey.and out 100, five to six member paid by them thats it.

  11. abbadaba
    December 4th, 2018

    Clixsense not pay 🙁

  12. Bhausaheb
    November 30th, 2018

    It’s totally legal and trusted servey sites which gives you very fast money, but it’s totally depends on your talent how to qualify and how many servey completed successfully in one day.
    I am earned and withdrawal 756$ in 10 months.

  13. Owl
    June 22nd, 2018

    ClixSense is not a scam. This is a legal website – it has been paying without problems since 2007. I regularly withdraw money from it.

    • scam
      October 12th, 2018

      The site itself isn’t a scam but there are scammers on it

  14. Fred
    April 19th, 2018

    Clixsense pays me for several years, on my site there are recent proofs of payment, no more ptc site, now only works with surveys and offers. Check out my site:

    • Anonymous
      September 28th, 2018

      I am new at clixsense and I don’t know how to work and earn

  15. Blake
    November 8th, 2016

    It is a total scam. The only thing I ever received from their website is malware. Do not waste your time on this PTC site!

    • Anonymous
      April 1st, 2018

      Prove it’s a scam.

      • scam
        October 12th, 2018

        .You can spend several minutes answering questions what you think is the main survey that pays but only to find out you don’t qualify for the survey. Which is a tactic they use to still get you to fill out surveys but dodge paying you. They still record your answers.

  16. Odette
    November 8th, 2016

    Clixsense is a scam! It scammed me twice because I had an inactive account for more than 90 days. I was denied my access. I say It’s a scam!

    • Mya
      December 5th, 2018

      Clixsense is by far the most helpful website I’ve ever accommodated for. Since 2017, this website continues giving money to those who show interest in what they have to offer through their multiple sources. It’s not clickbait or scamming because once you reach past the minimum amount of $10, you could feel free to withdraw from this website from the various payment offers they have. It’s 100% free and sufficiently recommended for those who likes giving their opinions in surveys.

    • Anonymous
      December 5th, 2018

      Saying that you’ve had an inactive account for over 90 days doesn’t mean they scammed you.. that just means you’re not putting effort into doing the surveys on the website. You don’t get denied access to anything, surveys are just available for a specific group of individuals. If your account is inactive for a long time, they will begin notifying you in emails, but the website is 100% trusty for earning quick cash, and even saving up a bit of it over the years.

    • Anna Thouvenin
      January 15th, 2019

      It is written in the T&C and they send you several emails to avoid this… Just because you don’t follow the rules doesn’t mean it’s a scam. I also lost money because of that but it was my own fault.

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