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54% of brands are promoting Instagram posts through their Facebook accounts and more than 70% brands are updating either one photo or video each week. Getting impressions through followers, comments, shares, and likes is one important metric in every digital campaign adventure.

It is through these palpable metrics when an entrepreneur can gauge the success of his/her brand, the efficacy of his/her strategies, and the need to implement or revise a new approach to advertising and brand management. These impressions help you build credibility online. They can make your business look its best.

For startups, achieving these impressions don’t happen overnight. You can’t just create an account on Instagram and instantly generate several followers. Since your brand is still brand-new, chances are the public doesn’t know your business yet. People might not even know it exists.

Brand recognition is a tough process and it certainly doesn’t come around like magic. You need to work on your organic traffic, SEO, content, and other traditional ways to get traction and attention from your target groups.

But luckily, Genuine Likes is here to help you.

The company has been providing real and authentic social media impressions for several years already. They are one of the market leaders in terms of generating plausible metrics from many popular platforms on the internet.

From the name itself, they only provide ‘Genuine Likes’. Unlike other service providers that use bots and questionable trades, Genuine Likes delivers traction that is natural and smooth. Your guests and followers couldn’t tell the difference! They won’t know that you bought your likes to improve your social media standing.

Buying likes and other impressions is a good way to kick-start your campaigns. It gives you a boost, especially when you’re still new on the market and tries to garner attention and trust from the public. While those organic and more traditional ways of getting traffic work wonders, it may take time to generate impressions that convert.

Imagine brewing your thoughts for an impressive content yet not having the audience to appreciate it. Of course, you can’t expect easy and speedy results. There’s no one to give it a thumbs up, drop some comments, share with their loved ones, or engage with your business. Without a good number of audience to acknowledge your brand and appreciate your posts, all your creative juices will still be hidden in the shadows. They won’t give you the results you need for your startup biz.

If you start your preliminary campaigns with purchased traffic AND pair it with your excellent marketing techniques, then you have a shot at speeding things up. You can post on your Instagram and instantly get likes. Doing so increases your chances of building a social media reputation. This leads to having your brand competing at a fair advantage in a cutthroat economy online.

Genuine Likes can help you achieve any of these benefits. Trust that the company is safe, secure, and reliable. With its long history of satisfied customers, you can confidently work with them in achieving profitable results.

Besides Instagram, Genuine Likes offers support to the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitter
  • Enjoy any of your purchased metrics at budget-friendly rates. Genuine Likes makes it easier and affordable for any entrepreneurs like you getting impressions your brand deserves.

    Before deciding to give Genuine Likes a try, it is ideal you look into their website and read some client testimonials so you’ll know what to expect.

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    1. Kassie
      September 2nd, 2019

      If you are looking for a reliable one, choose Genuine Likes!

    2. Rissa
      August 18th, 2019

      Don't waste time and money when you order on this site. Scammer!


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