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About Hilltopads.com

Launched in 2014, HilltopAds is a global advertising platform that offers its services to both site owners and advertisers. With its self-service platform, the company guarantees a fast campaign approval and launch. It offers verified traffic, using a system that continually scans all traffic for bots, viruses, and malware through its powerful in-house and third-party fraud filtering tools. It also promises to overcome ad-blocking solutions so that clients can reach their target users better.


HilltopAds provides competitive CPM rates for high-quality traffic for top GEOs with zero financial transaction fees.

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  1. Victor
    July 25th, 2020

    It may be profitable for publishers but it’s not for advertisers. The network is shady and they provide bot traffic and they’ll never respond to you again once you notice this.

    They’ll block you on Skype and leave your mails unreplied. Stay away from them if you value your money!

  2. Donald
    December 25th, 2019

    Works well for me

  3. Nick
    March 30th, 2019

    Extremely Low CPM for publishers.. not worth it.
    Here are the results for 20 minutes.

    2019-03-30 impressions 42 Clicks 19 0.00 $0.00 0.0034 0.0076
    Total 42 19 0.00 $0.00 0.0034 0.0076

  4. Paul
    February 25th, 2019

    Solid and fast support adnetwork. In my case they did work nice.

  5. Jessica
    November 20th, 2018

    I dont like this traffic!! No improvement on my site since I use this… very disappointing!

  6. Bradley K. Nuckolls
    November 17th, 2018

    I heard this network before. It makes me convince ’till now in joining AdSense to monetize my blog even more.
    At the moment, I temporarily used the affiliate marketing that also helps me earned great income from my blogging.

  7. Hart Grenny
    November 14th, 2018

    I can say it’s the best of all traffic providers. They do send real traffic and clicks, which most others can deliver.

    A must to recommend

  8. Eric Kuefer
    November 2nd, 2018

    Yes, they maybe had only one type of ad but it works great! You know what guys, I am one of the type who always seek for new improvements, but only hilltopads satisfy my website needs and increases my revenue.

  9. Frances D. Tews
    August 21st, 2018

    Hi! Thanks for this information, I will now create hilltopads account.


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