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Likes Geek is an Ohio-based company and one of the longest-running social media growth services on our list. Founded in 2014, Likes Geek offers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, and Soundcloud options at very low prices.

Buy Facebook likes with PayPal or Coinbase at a rate of $1.28 per 100, or 1000 Soundcloud plays for one dollar. Yes. A dollar. That’s unusually low. If Likes Geek was a new company, we’d be suspicious. But staying alive with a sham product for 8 years is hard to do.

There’s an obvious lack of reviews available – fake or real – for this particular company, too. That combination of lack of reviews and longevity points to a satisfactory service. One that doesn’t shine but doesn’t under-deliver, either.

We’d advise a small order to start with combined with an analytics tool. And if you’re happy or unhappy with the result, be sure to post a review somewhere!

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