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About Ojooo.com

Ojoo is an advertising platform where advertisers can place their ads for customers to see. The campaigns will basically be seen by the customers that the platform is targeting, where every viewing and participation will then be rewarded. This incentivizes the users to actually be an active participant in trying to see the ads, making the whole arrangement advantageous for pretty much everyone involved in the process.

The platform works on a PPV system, in which, the advertisers only really need to pay every time a user clicks on the ads. This ensures that there will be an excellent value for the money paid and will also be a useful metric for measuring just how active the participation of the users is. Another great thing about this platform is that it is the advertisers who determine how much they are going to spend based on the budget that they submit.

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  1. Anthony J. James
    October 8th, 2019

    I have no luck in using the services of this website. Selective payments for years now. Use it with caution.

  2. Greg Mc Knoll
    October 7th, 2019

    Satisfied, I chose the Pro fare. The structure of the website is indeed very simple. You can actually build a really appealing website. I also use the e-mail address of Ojooo. I can recommend Ojooo!


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