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Outbrain.com claims to bring connection between online content to the right audience. They cater to the needs of publishers and adversities. For advertisers, they offer services that will promote advertiser’s content and reach new audience which will turn into a buying market. Advertisers just have to follow three steps in order to attain these results and this will start with them, sending the content to outbrain, outbrain will be posting this to their premium and partner websites and advertisers can earn engaged readers back to their websites. As for publishers, they can make use of OutBrain’s mobile ad feature which is designed for audience engagement.

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  1. Jay
    February 22nd, 2019

    Outbrain is a total scam. They get your banking info and then turn you down for advertising without any reason at all.

  2. Unhappy Advertiser
    October 15th, 2018

    As the other commenter pointed out their creative review process is useless. They reject you without any pointers as to why or any chance for you to amend or resubmit your creative. Avoid like the plague. These companies are obviously making so much money that they just don’t care about new business.

  3. Colin
    August 8th, 2018

    What a load of shite Outbrain is. Unhelpful rejection process.

    How can you fix your creative, if they don’t give you an idea of why it was rejected. What sort of bawbag operation do they have running over there. Useless – Taboola on the otherhand – so much better.

  4. Dave Gainford
    May 17th, 2018

    Agree its a scam, 2 days 400 euros complete rip off

  5. Jd
    October 6th, 2017

    This so called company is a scam. They stole my card info , charged $1 and when that went through they tried for $400 That’s when I caught them and closed my account but they tried for $1050.00 which they didn’t get. I hope they go to prison

  6. Federico Perez
    September 22nd, 2017

    they say you will dont need to eat this pill if you do this everyday with a photo of a man doing exercise and for some reason it send me to a porn site

  7. Jamie Delo
    April 28th, 2017

    Complete scam. I was tracking the data on my website, they reported 79 clicks that cost £50 that happened in two days (1 of which the ad was being “verified”) and none of that traffic showed up on my site. Do not use these people

  8. Greta
    November 8th, 2016

    My experience with OutBrain is very unpleasant, they overcharge! I suggest everyone to be very careful when dealing with them. They charged me 3x more than what I originally ordered.

  9. Jovanni
    November 8th, 2016

    OutBrain overcharged me – I scheduled my campaign with $10 and after 2 days, I checked it was showing $120 – which is $50 each day. Outrageous!

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