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Socialforming hasn’t updated the copyright on its website since 2017, or its blog since the end of 2021 (this review is dated April 2022). You can add to that a mixed bag of reviews … although the wide range of expectations from social media ranking services (they’re designed to enhance, not fix your online presence) makes most of these – especially negative ones – much less reliable.

One good example is the single-star review that said Socialforming ‘forgot’ to provide a likes package. The reviewer then went on to say the company contacted them within 5 hours to admit the mistake and offered to send extra. Because they didn’t apologize for the inconvenience, they got a scathing review. Others might have appreciated the company bothering to contact them about the problem the same day.

What do you pay for Socialforming social media growth services? Buy Instagram followers for $8.75 (100), or 500 country-targeted followers for around $65. Buy Instagram likes for $3 per 100. And you’re not limited to Insta. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitch … they’re all there, and more.

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