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Should you buy Spotify streams from SocialRush? We’re not sure. When we click on the About page or the FAQ button, we just end up on the homepage. The website is obviously not quite finished, so if SocialRush reps are reading this, please edit these pages.

SocialRush provides a Spotify streams service along with Twitter, SoundCloud, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram visibility boosts. It’s not 100% sure if these are bots or real accounts, but the principles remain the same. Social media SEO that lifts your profile higher in the rankings.

We suggest a smaller order to see how it goes. After all, social media services like these never guarantee long-term engagement, just lots and lots of low-cost views.

With prices starting at $6.99 for 1000 plays or $9.99 for 100 new followers, why not?

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  1. George Jetson
    December 24th, 2021

    It’s not a scam but they will cheat you and under deliver.. i order 300 twitter followers and i got about 250 followers.. i order 500 Instagram followers and i got 450 followers.. i order 100 YouTube subs and i got 97 subs which was still not enough for me to be able to make a custom URL.. very disappointed in this service as it took them 7 days to deliver the YouTube subs and twitter and Instagram took 24 hours.. i contacted them about it they replied and said they would talk there team about it and solve the issue they definitely didn’t do this.. I don’t know if it is worth it or not.. but my Instagram account become monetizable after that.. my account wasn’t monetizable when it only had 80 followers.. so yeah maybe i will use this in the future i am not 100 percent sure but i do know what to expect in the future as to before testing this out i had no idea whether it was a scam or what to expect.. it’s more annoying then anything as i don’t care about social media and this company will under deliver and leave a bit frustrated like what the f.. it’s like ordering a large coffee and then they only give a medium in a large cup.. pretty annoying.. I really don’t have time to keep getting in touch with them and get them to finish delivering what i order.. it’s a really small amount of money and i don’t have time to waste by contacting them over and over.. but i am able to make Instagram ads on Instagram now so maybe i will look at that for promotion in the future.. this was good service to open those doors for me.. an also it’s a good start if your looking to do YouTube ad’s as well and get the ball rolling with a couple hundred subs and then people will probably be more willing to jump on that sub button.. not a bad service i guess.. this is a pretty fair review.. i have never brought any social media followings before so this is all new to me.. and as a first experience.. ahhh what can you expect.. at least they delivered something.. but yeah when you do place an order it says it will be delivered in 15 minutes which is a lie.. it takes around 24 hours.. so be aware of that.. and the company is a side company to which is where you can contact them.. as there email doesn’t work.. So there is a lot of room for improvement in this service.. it definitely reminds me of a little business some kid must be running out of his parents basement as a 13 year old trying to hussle some lunch money.. not the most professional but it does deliver.. so good on you man or girl.. we will maybe do more business in the future.. so give them a chance if your looking to grow your social media

  2. Bogdan Istratie
    December 15th, 2021

    It’s a scam. You will get bots as followers and they will unfollow in max 3 days.


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