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SocialWick is owned and run by Alexander Schiestl from Innsbruck, Austria; he’s worked in social media growth services since 2020. So what do people say about this multi-channel traffic provider?

One long-winded review said the website’s pricing information was hard to find. That’s simply not true. Just type in the numbers you want and you’ll see the price immediately. Buy Instagram likes for as little as $0.30 for 100, or buy Instagram followers for $0.90 per 100.

To tell the truth, that seems a little too cheap for social media growth services. At least 10 times cheaper than most competition. This means it’s unlikely your Apple Music to VK (and everything in-between) likes, subscribers, (board and playlist) followers, retweets, plays, and views will stay with you for long.

However, if your strategy is simply upping the stats rather than engagement, so what? Not convinced? Try SocialWick Insta services for free first – it offers 50 free likes. If all you want are numbers, SocialWick is probably the cheapest option out there.

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