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Anyone looking for reliable sources of purchased traffic can visit Spark Traffic and benefit from the impressive selection of bought traffic options that they have available. It would be quite easy to purchase visitors from here that can instantly propel your website to the heights of recognition without also raising the ire of search engines. Considering how troublesome it would be to be penalized by Google, this is something worth considering when making your purchase.

When it comes to ways in which you can help your website get the kind of recognition that it deserves in such a crowded space, it only makes sense that you would need every edge that you can get. This is exactly what bought traffic is for and it can act as a catalyst to your ability to compete with bigger websites. You don’t have to wait for years or decades to get the same recognition.

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  1. drew
    February 9th, 2020

    If I can give them a negative rating I would. There is no value to any of the work. It is all fake Trafficbot work which you can get for free from hitleap or 10khits. Do not pay they people unless you want to give money to people like Andrew Mestre the owner.

    January 28th, 2020

    i am canfuse for buy

  3. drew
    January 26th, 2020

    They are the worst company that is scamming people with there fake traffic. They also do not pay affiliates if you generate them money.

  4. Adem Karagöz
    January 19th, 2020

    I bought an Plan but didnt recieve trafic.
    I requested refund but no Response.
    I start chat session but he just quits the session.

    Very Bad dont buy

  5. sahil salmani
    December 13th, 2019

    i am using it for start and giving it a chance to proove itself.

  6. Anna Peterson
    November 17th, 2019

    I was honestly skeptical about the quality of the traffic from this site, but I had nothing to worry about.

  7. Roger Allan
    November 17th, 2019

    I got the traffic but conversion did not go up at all, the bounce rate increases to 90+ percent

  8. Limor Jansven
    November 14th, 2019

    Hoped for a jump in visitors and that’s exactly what I got.

  9. Adrian Andrews
    November 13th, 2019

    When I finally decided to pay for the traffic that my website was going to get, this is the platform that I chose. In hindsight, I definitely made the right choice

  10. Hans Williams
    November 2nd, 2019

    I got lots of visit to my site but all fake and false visit. Everyone visiting my site for only few seconds. They are like clicking and going away. Fake Traffic.
    No one can get lead in this type of traffic.

    • ali
      November 25th, 2019

      At least people are visiting to your website some are not even providing the same

      • Ñaño
        April 26th, 2020

        No, people are not visiting the website, they are robots. Google can detect the fake traffic and the website being promoted will suffer.

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