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As its name suggests, the only option you have with Spotify Storm is to buy Spotify streams. This means this is one of the few Spotify streams service options that offers podcast SEO functionality. You can even choose Saves.

Your audiences will be almost exclusively from the US, UK, and Germany – three of the primary target countries for the top music streaming platform in the world. As SpotifyStorm is based in Virginia in the US, that’s the country most of your followers, listeners, saves and plays will come from.

Perhaps not the best option for non-English songs, unless you sing German songs or manage German-based band PR. Even so, reviews are sparse.

So sign up for a small order first to ensure this service does what it promises on its packaging.

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  1. Hashy
    January 13th, 2022

    I had high hopes for this company but of the 4 transactions that I have done with them most remain incomplete 3 weeks later. All orders required that I follow up with their support team.

    The first promotion to gain 2,500 followers was a success. The two 2,500 play promotions were never completed, eventually I went with another vendor to deliver thid. Lastly, I paid for the promotion to gain 15,000 followers and only received 9,500. Multiple disputes we’re filed with customer service that auto closes tickets after 3 days, wether or not anything is resolved. The last thing I heard is their support is filing a refill and nothing happened.

    I have disputed the charge with PayPal suggesting a refund for the percentage not delivered. So far this had been unsuccessful. As they have failed to deliver fully on 3 of 4 orders, I would not recommend them. I am hopeful they will still come through and will update this if they do.


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