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Streamdigic’s music promotions enable you to buy Spotify streams, as well as Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube visibility to boost organic strategies. A 24/7 service for any device and operating system, you’ll get the chance to implement legal and safe marketing for tracks, albums and artists.

With 1,000 track plays starting at $9.90, 100 followers at $6.90, and $54.90 for 10,000 playlist plays, this Spotify streams service is certainly a competitive candidate. According to reviews, Streamdigic is trustworthy, although responses to queries are not immediate.

That said, you will usually get a response within a couple of hours. While the service is safe for longer-term Spotify users, the company’s T&C does state that promotions shouldn’t be used for new accounts. A sudden influx of interest for any newbie could alert social media moderators, whichever streams service you opt for.

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