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Online traffic can be quite difficult to get without a considerable amount of effort, time, and patience put into the enterprise. However, it can be said that there are always ways to get around any difficult and in the case of traffic, TrafficBot has the answer. Offering to provide websites with plenty of traffic that they can then use to supplement the number of visitors that their sites are getting, this resource is quite the valuable tool for the job.

If there is any doubt as to exactly how difficult it can be to compete in this congested world of the internet, hundreds of thousands of blogs go to the graveyard every single year. There is simply not enough space and not enough time to dedicate to all of them, and so you might find a way to stand out. It just so happens that this site can help with that.

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  1. Akram Kamp
    December 13th, 2019

    Highly recommending this site to my other online marketing buddies. Got good results the three times I used its services

  2. Carly Carees
    November 12th, 2019

    I wish I didn’t take so long to get traffic from this platform. I would have gotten much better results much sooner if I did. Wasted a lot of time and money on other useless methods and tools too.

  3. James Clay
    October 17th, 2019

    Using the here is my observation

    The good;

    Accurate settings to spread out traffic delivery to a certain time period.
    You can set multiple, custom referrer URLs, even Google.
    Accurate bounce rate setting from 0% to 100%.
    Visitors will load up to 5 child pages per visit with a max time on page of 10seconds (which could actually be a little longer).

    The bad;

    There is no free limited version, only a free trial is available.
    When I ordered 500 hits to my websites, web analytics recorded 191 visitors on my website, that is 38,20% of what was reported by dashboard.
    Hits from the same IP address in Singapore, geotargeting did not work.
    Visitors from unnatural server IP addresses, easy to detect as bot generated traffic and not safe for ads, etc.
    These were my observations when testing out the free trial.

    My score is around 4 for

  4. Patrick Kip
    October 12th, 2019

    Got traffic from this site because of a recommendation but I can’t say I’m all that impressed.

  5. Necla Gal
    July 10th, 2019

    The quality of the traffic from this site is surprisingly high. TBH, I wasn’t expecting that.


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