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There’s nothing better than organic Google Search clicks, which is why sites like are ideal for brand awareness and higher click-through rates. Choose between Advanced, Professional, Enterprise and Elite packages starting at $195 per search and rising to $595.

These plans differ according to keyword volume scores, brand and emoji options, CTR techniques and High Authority Mentions. Buy organic traffic without the bells and whistles by ensuring your chosen seed keyword shows high in user Google autocomplete menus.

Naturally, you can include geolocation options and remove bad suggestions that might negatively affect your brand’s reputation. Even so, as with most marketing strategies, results depend on the quality of your website and service. And as Google starts to patch traffic manipulation techniques and remove bad suggestions, autosuggest strategies like these will have to continuously update their software to keep up, or lose a lot of business.

Today, however, this marketing strategy still works well enough to make a significant difference.

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  1. Varg Vikernes
    July 16th, 2022



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