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Winning isn’t everything. Especially if you don’t suffer from a guilt trip when you sway the odds of victory. Which is exactly what you do when you buy online votes from the very clearly named Buy Online Contest Votes company. One of the longer-running paid online vote services, don’t worry if there’s a lack of reviews out there.

Would you want to advertise this particular marketing strategy? Probably not. With BOVC, any contest, from polls to popularity stakes, goes. Choose from multiple packages ranging from unique IP votes to captcha and recaptcha votes. For some options you’ll need to contact BOCV beforehand.

For example, getting geolocation votes outside the US. Promising to deliver well within 48 hours, we think this company is a good choice for Facebook, Woobox, Wavo, and Instagram votes. Prices begin at $12 per 100 votes, and can rise to $25 per 100 for more exclusive or difficult to deliver plans.

Like any online voting service, BOCV doesn’t guarantee a win. But there’s no reason you can’t shift those odds with this buy online votes specialist.

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  1. Lee
    March 4th, 2020

    Great communication and excellent service.


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