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BuyVotesService operates from Staten Island, New York. Of course, when checking out reviews about a reviews and votes service, knowing what’s legit and what isn’t gets a little tough.

So let’s look at the service itself. Although the website isn’t the most stunningly designed one we’ve seen, it’s easy to navigate.

And your options are extensive. Facebook and Twitter votes, email verification, contests, single click IP votes, and music based network votes, like Djane and Spinnin’ Records. Not to mention Woobox and WowBox competition votes.

Captcha contest online votes are also possible at BuyVotesService. Prices are competitive and start at $5 for 50 unique votes. However, payments are only possible via PayPal.

And you won’t find review packages here, either. So the many positive reviews on the Internet might be real ones, after all.

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