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Nice to see you can chat directly on WhatsApp with Voteseller. Online votes services like this one, based in Virginia, are a great way to increase positive visibility.

You get to choose online votes for Facebook competitions and polls (not ‘poles’ as the website advertises), Amazon votes, email verification votes for contests, and TripAdvisor and TrustPilot reviews. You also get to remove negative Amazon reviews that can seriously affect your online reputation.

While we don’t appreciate the many misspells and grammatical errors on the website, we DO like the prices: a nice, round $13 for 100 Facebook votes, $5 for 100 unique IP votes, and $5 for 50 email verification votes, for example.

But to remove just one negative Amazon review, you’ll have to cough up a scary $50. Bearing in mind the damage even one negative review can do, it’s probably worth it.

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