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Click Action Traffic is nothing new … it’s been in business since 2011. Offering 90% of its solo ad clicks from real people in the US, UK, Canada and Australia and at least a 15% click over-delivery rate (most offer 10%), everything looks right.

Even better, there’s a 50-click test package for just $15 – great for double-checking not only the quality of the clicks but also the quality and engagement of your solo ad copy. CAT doesn’t advertise the huge conversion rates of many other similar traffic suppliers.

Founder Phillip Brewer does need to check over his website – there are a few broken links: however, as the site’s been up and running for over a decade, this can (almost) be forgiven. Prices start incredibly low for solo ad email traffic – $0.3 per click. The order form is very simple and does not offer a variety of options such as niches – for that, you’ll have to send a mail.

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  1. Rick
    February 28th, 2021

    Steer clear of Click Action Traffic and look elsewhere if you’re wanting to drive additional traffic to your website or blog.


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