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About CTRBooster.com

CTR Booster was developed by the brains behind TurboWare. It isn’t a run-of-the-mill organic CTR tool. In fact, it sends bots. But don’t let that put you off! Bot-generated Google Search clicks have moved with the times and are perfectly capable of acting like real humans. And as long as you don’t use them for PPC sites or direct monetization, they’re perfectly legal.

In reality, bot-generated traffic is a great way to lift you up the SERPs. Just make sure the software you opt for is consistently updated. In the case of CTR Booster, it is. Use a residential proxy server network and captcha service with any bot traffic generator if this isn’t integrated.

CTR Booster software performs at its very best when you use both. Play with metrics such as time spent on site and bounce rate, but keep these human-like. Even top websites have average to high bounce rates. Select which devices your bots use to land on your website or YouTube channel to mimic even more human characteristics.

CTRBooster charges a one-off fee of just under $200, together with a monthly $15 contribution toward updates. That monthly fee is essential: updates are crucial when it comes to keeping ahead of the Google algorithm.

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