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Write up your solo ad and Skype with Phil Springer to ensure it fits the standards that his long email lead list expects. IM Empowered doesn’t offer miracles – as you will read in the disclaimer at the bottom of the landing page.

Take the time to design and test your solo ad, however, and you’ll benefit from the service. You can even ask them to create your offer copy. With 90% Tier 1 traffic and fresh leads added daily, you are guaranteed unique clicks from real buyers.

Prices start low – $0.46 to $0.75 per click and, unless IM Empowered fails to deliver on your ordered number of clicks or is unable to mail your ad, there are no refunds. But all of this information is easy to find on this highly transparent site. Take a look for yourself; it’s a small, easy website to navigate.

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  1. Brent
    December 8th, 2016

    Phil is one of the best solo ad sellers. I bought a 250 unique click solo ad from him and I am very happy.


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