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For the past decade, Moneywise has been looking for the best financial deals for individuals and companies in the Netherlands. In times like these, every penny counts, which is why sites like this are gaining immense popularity. Whether you want to get the best deal for a savings plan, look at which utilities company is offering the best rates, discover the lowest loan repayments, or find the most lucrative mortgage, pension or insurance, you’ll find plenty of offers on Moneywise. Selecting the appropriate service, you’ll see what different local and multinational companies are offering existing and new clients. Use this information to sign up for a new bank account, home mortgage, or insurance plan directly via the website, or print and show your findings to your current financial service to see if they can do better! Moneywise offers a few other services, too. Like finding out what your house is worth or discovering a notary near you. And while these services are limited to the Netherlands, its many listed multinationals mean anyone in the European Union can find useful information, as long as they can read Dutch.

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