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Web Traffic Geeks offers a streamlined process for ordering real visitors for your website. Website owners looking for alternatives to quickly boost traffic can choose between monthly or one time payments. Previously website was operating on URL http://webtrafficgeeks.com. Since early 2015 it has moved to http://webtrafficgeeks.org

Pricing is based on the number of visitors you would like to receive and starts at $70 USD for 10,000 visitors. For each plan, select up to 3 target niches and target countries for a specific URL. Read reviews of Web Traffic Geeks or leave your own.

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  1. Joshua Andrews
    June 12th, 2020

    Awesome service. Great customer support. High quality traffic. If you are looking for a site that delivers traffic for your own website, you should try Web Traffic Geeks.

  2. Nitish Patel
    June 7th, 2020

    I have set up my traffic on webtrafficgeek. I’m getting views as I brought. Now I have to see what kind of results I get. I hope I get lots of registration for my site.

  3. elfgirl
    June 6th, 2020

    I am also interested in this. The owner said he has a thread on here..anybody got a link?

  4. Malteser84
    June 4th, 2020

    I will give webtrafficgeeks a go and will let you know how it goes.

  5. John Robertson
    June 2nd, 2020

    I will give them a 4 for now just to have some leeway on the improvements that they will do. But overall, I am satisfied with the traffic that they gave my website.

  6. Rahul Srikant
    June 2nd, 2020

    I got lots of clicks from this traffic. 600 clicks in one month are impressive. I have seen and feel this traffic firsthand. The best in the industry.

  7. Catherine Rose
    June 1st, 2020

    I tried their smallest 10000 to start, and it was authentic traffic from what I can tell. I sent them to a landing page created specifically for this test. I did not get a single conversion, but I got alot of interactions from the visitors. Bounce rate averaged 30-33. But most importantly, they were all over the site. Which helps my stats all over.. I have purchased 3 other webtraffic sources – and this was the only one that came with a very low advertising bounce rate and such an indepth customer interaction. No two visits ever looked the same. I upped my purchase to 25000 to see if that differed in any way and subscribed.

  8. whiteblackseo
    May 29th, 2020

    This seems like a decent service. Might try it out.

  9. Goerge D.
    May 29th, 2020

    The traffic is good; no conversion yet.

  10. Jack H
    May 25th, 2020

    Shortly after placing my order for more website traffic through Webtrafficgeeks.org, I was contacted by a service professional to walk me through the process. I believe this helped get me the right type of traffic.

  11. Yaqsuk87
    May 20th, 2020

    I found them on google this year and have used them and have to say they are 1 of the best but there only problem is that they have too much invalid clicks traffic and sometimes they make earning and sometime they dont but I will not rule them out. 8/10

  12. Rimon Geesh
    May 14th, 2020

    I love the fact that I have a lot of traffic to my blog. Get traffic on a small price is very good business. Earn money with this traffic business.

  13. Peter Roobeek
    May 11th, 2020

    Decent traffic, I ordered 50k German traffic and got 3 leads which made me 259 EUR via a private offer I got through my contacts.

    I recommend it mostly for generating leads and generating clicks. Sales might be too difficult considering most traffic is cold.

  14. shivam kaushik
    April 25th, 2020

    Propeller ads give me good earning by showing the ads on my website.
    I am very happy with the service.

  15. Sagar Chovatiya
    April 24th, 2020

    I Use propellerads from the Last 1 Month and my revenue is Increased 30% from Google Adsense. And Payment Methond is also easy. propellerads doing payment on weekly base.

    So, According to Me propellerads is one of the best Ad Network for every users.

  16. Sunny
    April 23rd, 2020

    Great ad network with higher earning potential, I am using propeller for years and seen that it gives quite good CPM rates, especially for tier 1 countries. there are many great ad zones to create but ill recommend using their popunder zone which is best among all :)… I highly recommend propeller ads for great earning.

  17. flattummydietCOM website
    January 28th, 2020

    Visitors are from different browsers, countries and niches, so all seems legit. No conversion yet but it does generate some Adsense clicks. Just make sure to mix with organic Adsense clicks to avoid issues.

    Worth my money, will order more

  18. Anonymous agency
    December 13th, 2019

    I must say I’m impressed with the quality of the traffic, genuine for sure.
    No conversions so far but a great addition to my campaigns for which I get paid per visitor ghehe.

  19. Stacie
    December 1st, 2019

    Well by reading the reviews on this site I definitely won’t be using this site.

  20. Anna
    August 3rd, 2019

    PAYED $70 to get 10,000 Visitors, And got 0 visitor, NOTHING!! FAKE site is Webtrafficgeeks.org Never try loose money on !

  21. James-WorkfromhomeNET
    May 17th, 2019

    Very decent. Traffic seems legit, better versus other ones I’ve seen so far. No conversions yet, but clicks yes. So positive overall.

  22. titus
    May 3rd, 2019

    I am running a test using webtrafficgeeks. I purchased 10,000 @ $70.00 US only, run for 30 days. The campaign started yesterday around 3PM. EDT. I’m getting good traffic to the URL. 190 clicks in 17 hours with a few signups, but no depositors.I will keep u up to date.

  23. omar omari
    May 1st, 2019

    Hello I bought a 10000 of traffic and didnt get a single opt-in.
    I think they are selling bot traffic

  24. Lance
    April 19th, 2019

    Their support team was quiet excellent, very fast on giving costumer assistance!

  25. Danilo
    April 19th, 2019

    Fantastic traffic seller! Totally like it very much 😀

  26. Pedro Williams
    February 21st, 2019

    As how the logic goes. When quality is high, the price follows. If you’re looking for an authentic traffic, I suggest to check this out.

  27. Patrick
    February 19th, 2019

    I choose this one, and no need to rush for everything. Sit, relax, and let it work for you in excellent way. Been proved it for a while on my website. Whoever read this now then it’s your time to try without hesitation.

  28. Nolan
    January 21st, 2019

    Thanks for this blog. buywebtrafficgeeks did really help me not struggling on my own website.

  29. Braxton
    January 11th, 2019

    webtrafficgeeks is giving me a daily good vibes. A stress free traffic. All are good in my website and it is progressive. 🙂

    • Ollie
      January 25th, 2019


  30. Shay
    January 11th, 2019

    I appreciate this traffic for the excellent quality.

  31. Dane
    January 5th, 2019

    Good traffic..

  32. Oscar
    January 5th, 2019

    webtrafficgeeks becomes an instrument to my website success. The best ever!!!

  33. Lara
    December 23rd, 2018

    I really feel comfortable on using webtrafficgeeks. I feel safe, and it’s like that all of my money are being used wisely and no waste at all.

  34. Ilie
    December 11th, 2018

    Webtrafficgeeks use a link for bots .It’s sure no traffic humans . No more webtrafficgeeks ! I will make a complaint to Google for SPAM and SCAM

    • Mel
      December 24th, 2018


      Nothing concerns us more than providing services to our clients not as expected.

      We are truly sorry to hear about your experience. Be assured that at any time we’re giving our all to provide the best service and traffic possible. Please note that we use multiple sets of sources to deliver traffic to our clients and the one chosen for your campaign may have delivered to your expectations, this doesn’t mean that it is non-human traffic.

      We hope that you’d reconsider our services in the future.

      Happy Holidays!


  35. Rowan
    December 5th, 2018

    Thanks for the great experience with this traffic ads. I can really recommend this to my business partners… And rest assured to all that it is legit.

  36. WhoKnows
    December 2nd, 2018

    I hope this is legit.

    • Nicholas
      December 14th, 2018

      Just try it and the results are surprising.

    • Louis
      September 7th, 2019

      Fake scammers STAY AWAY

  37. Empress
    November 27th, 2018

    This platform runs their ads spectacularly. For this very reason where I still got attracted to use the webtrafficgeeks again and again.

  38. Edmund
    November 17th, 2018

    Though I exert a lot of effort on trying this kind of ads, but yet their services satisfies my website needs.

  39. wen
    September 15th, 2018


  40. Prabin
    August 10th, 2018

    This website is amazing for the startup also. I am happy that I found this website finally. Thank you so much.

    • Ismail Khan
      October 1st, 2018

      This is just fake traffic spam
      I bought 10000 but totally bot traffic i bought from ultimate traffic as well all are fake spam dont wait time

  41. Ken Gerecke
    May 27th, 2018


  42. Amos
    April 23rd, 2018

    Stress free!

    • Valerie
      June 25th, 2018


  43. Olivette
    April 19th, 2018

    Nothing is impossible in this traffic. The staff totally work hard for a better output.

  44. Steff
    April 1st, 2018

    I tend to refuse this kind offers before but then I tried and the results is worth a risk.

  45. viralnewo
    February 23rd, 2018

    I agree, I bought a ton of traffic and didnt get a single opt-in.
    I think they are selling bot traffic

    • Dinesh Paul
      December 4th, 2018

      Then, why is this 4 stars rating if you feel it’s worhtless?

  46. Arnold
    February 20th, 2018

    their services are incomparable.

  47. Simon
    January 10th, 2018

    Happy with both the service itself as well as the help Michal gave me, thumbs up!

    • Webtrafficgeeks
      January 11th, 2018

      Hi Simon, thank you for taking the time to write this review!
      It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the service. Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to further improve your experience with us. You can always drop us a line at support-at-webtrafficgeeks.org
      Good luck!

  48. Trevor
    December 28th, 2017

    Excellent services!1!!!

  49. Dan Masters
    October 2nd, 2017

    You can forget those guys. ZERO comversuions, just hollow hits.

    • Mel, Customer Care
      October 30th, 2018

      Hi Dan,

      I’m sorry to hear about the lack of conversions. We only work with real users and can’t force these users to take any kind of specific action which is why we don’t promise or guarantee any conversions.

      However, you can always contact us through our contact form and we can assist you with updating your campaign to different sources which may help with your goal.

      If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us or visit our FAQ page.

      Have a good day!

  50. Harry Leister
    July 20th, 2017

    Allright provider, decent. Most traffic platforms are too expensive, like 2 cent per click or more. This is one which is cheaper and still provides quality, diversified traffic (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari). Not the best, but still decent.

  51. Janne Wassberg
    May 31st, 2017

    I have now tried Web Traffic Geeks. This is not real people visiting your site.
    We have a site that requires human interaction, we can see that the traffic is generated by bot’s. We wanted to target the Swedish market, but 50% or more comes from countries outside Sweden. We can also see that the traffic uses crawling and follows links with no value at all.

    Since i’m a developer and have been working with Analytics for many years its very easy to see that this is NOT live traffic. Yes i’m getting hits but its a bot generating the hits.

    I know how my users behave on our site and what kind of foot prints they leave in Analytics. I have sent a mail to the Geeks but no answer


    • Webtrafficgeeks
      June 6th, 2017

      Hi Janne, thank you for taking the time to write the review.
      I checked the details and see that you received a reply from us, but we never heard back from you. We asked you for some more details regarding the issue, so that we can investigate.
      Please get back to us on that one and I’m sure that we can get things straighten out once we run it by our providers.
      Good luck!

    • The Rev
      September 29th, 2017

      Thank You Janne Wassberg. Is there anyone you recommend for traffic?

    • Rich
      February 20th, 2018

      Which do you suggest for me?

    • Anonymous
      March 19th, 2018

      Thanks Janne! Nobody needs bots. I’m looking for real people so I’ll just stick with chance visits. Doesn’t make any sense to pay for views anyway.

  52. Boss Earl
    May 21st, 2017

    Wonderful traffic

  53. Dan
    May 21st, 2017

    I bought few traffic packages worth $800 for some of my websites and I have specifically asked Michal of Webtrafficgeeks.org that I need to be told whether the traffic they sent is human driven. I got told that their traffic is of good quality. In a month I got my Adsense account closed. The traffic is so bad that I got another Publisher account with two step click authentication closed as well.

    When I told Michal, who is a nice guy in terms of correspondence, that I got my Adsense account closed, he responded “Unfortunately there is no such thing as a 100% Adsense safe paid traffic, so there always is a risk involved. the level of invalid clicks goes above 50% or so – this could mean that your account is being monitored”. I appreciate his explanation, but the reason for my Adsense account to be closed was their robotized traffic and the invalid clicks on my websites generated by Webtrafficgeeks.org.

    No hard feelings, but at the end of the they people pay for nothing. You’d rather have less visitors then buying any from Webtrafficgeeks.org or other similar companies.

    • Webtrafficgeeks
      May 23rd, 2017

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for taking time to write this review and I’m sorry to hear about your account. As Michal explained – Adsense will close your account if they suspect paid traffic. Using paid traffic isn’t forbidden directly, but unfortunately – this doesn’t stop them from doing it if they realise that this is what you use. We always advise our clients to start slow and build the traffic gradually – depending on what organic traffic you already have. We sell +/- 1MIL visitors per day and many of them are sent to Adsense enabled sites (since years in some cases). This is risky, but works if done correctly.
      I’m sorry that your account got blocked, but this isn’t due to the traffic quality.
      Please contact us if you’d like to run a trial with another URL.
      Good luck!

    • Anthony Kelley
      May 27th, 2017

      I agree, I bought a ton of traffic and didnt get a single opt-in.
      I think they are selling bot traffic

      • Webtrafficgeeks
        May 30th, 2017

        Hi Anthony – please get in touch with the support if you believe you received bot traffic. This is definitely something we’d like to clarify.
        We don’t use bots, PTC, PTS etc, so if you believe otherwise – please get in touch, so we can fix it.
        Good luck!

  54. MiceTrap
    May 8th, 2017

    The bets of all traffic providers. Though not all traffic is quality, they do send real traffic and clicks, which most others can deliver.


    • Webtrafficgeeks
      May 10th, 2017

      Hi MiceTrap – thank you for taking the time to write the review! Let us know if we can do anything to make it even better for you please 🙂

      • Ken G.
        May 27th, 2018


  55. Tane Marshall
    April 24th, 2017

    Having Joined WebtrafficGeeks and Testing Their Service ,

    I pleased to say that I am impressed with the quality and delivery
    of their service it is as they say it is and one receives what they
    pay for I see no anomalies or reason for doubting anything .

    Paid for a service received it ill give it 5 considering there was
    also a followup by one of their support agents I found they go the
    extra mile in the delivery of the customer service very Impressive .


    • Webtrafficgeeks
      April 26th, 2017

      Thank you for a lovely review Tane 🙂
      We’re happy to hear that you enjoyed the service. If we can do anything else to assist you – let us know please!

  56. Magnus
    March 21st, 2017

    super clean ads! no spams!

  57. Tyrone
    February 14th, 2017


  58. jonnah
    November 11th, 2016

    Worlds worst traffic provider geekcrap ….! Traffmagic is best but unfortunately you removed it from your list i wonder why! zero star my ratings

    • Jack
      January 26th, 2017

      Very Fake Website www.webtrafficgeeks.org Very Big Scam No Replay Any Email My Star 0 Star

      • Webtrafficgeeks
        February 28th, 2017

        Hi Jack,
        We reply to each and every email we receive. Could you verify that you sent your message to the correct one?
        This is the correct one – support-a-t-webtrafficgeeks.org (please replace “-a-t-“ with “@“.
        We’ll be happy to prove you wrong about the “scam” bit as soon as you get in touch with us 🙂

    • Frank
      March 4th, 2017

      I should have read your review I just got a bunch of time wasted too with social warehouse

    • Yaaahi
      March 10th, 2017

      Hello jonnah, could you tell me how traffmagic works? (I mean if it is good and everything) I want to purchase from them but not sure yet. My email: najimbenyedir@gmail.com

      Thank you so much

    • Webtrafficgeeks
      March 14th, 2017

      You didn’t seem to include too much details with your review… 😉 Please contact us and let us know what seemed to be a problem – we’ll be happy to assist you with anything you may need.
      Good luck!

        April 14th, 2017

        I will tell you what went wrong. Yes you sent some traffic to my site the first week and then nothing. Then you voided my login without any reason. You never replied to the phone or phone messages. All these make you a fake company that made a small site and left it unattended.
        I am professional business and counted your results: ZERO. The traffic was coming in but I had no conversions in an adult talk site we have.
        I will never deal with your geeks again. I love Holland but you NO.

        • Webtrafficgeeks
          April 19th, 2017

          Hi Zachary
          – we reply to EVERY voicemail (if you provide an email address – as explained in the recorded message)
          – we reply to EVERY email/contact form message
          – if you can’t access your account you can reset your password OR contact us and we’ll do it for you (we explained that to you in few emails already)
          – we sell between 0.5-1MIL visitors per day – we’re far from “unattended”
          – you received traffic for the period specified by you on the order form. This is selected by you and you only.
          – we replied to every single email from you, but never received a reply to any of our messages. Are you receiving messages in your emailbox at all?
          If there is anything at all we can do to help you out – drop us an email – it may be a good idea to try writing from another email address, as you don’t seem to receive our messages.
          Take care!

    • Peter
      March 15th, 2017

      Traffmagic sends the same fake bot traffic as geeks.
      I tried both of them.
      Traffmagic sends 90-95% fake traffic, while geeks send around 60% fake traffic.
      Just check with your Analytics!

      • Webtrafficgeeks
        March 22nd, 2017

        We use various filters to make sure that only the highest quality traffic reaches our clients. If this was not the case with your order and you have information to support your claim – please contact the support. We’ll address the issue and you can rest assured that there will be free traffic heading your way!

    • Daffodil
      April 17th, 2019

      Traffmagic and webtrafficgeeks provides the same service so I don’t see how they remove it from their list. Perhaps you mean buywebsitetrafficreviews, you should e-mail it to them not post as a review on other page.

      I’m not certain whether the visitors are bot or not but the traffic came and had increased sales than what I paid so it worked for me.

  59. Pico Bags
    October 17th, 2016

    I have a website in packaging niche category ( Pico Bags) , now i want to get more quality traffic for my website from UK only. Should i go for it?

  60. ADX
    September 19th, 2016

    Decent traffic, quick response. 5/5

  61. Robert K. Mueller
    August 27th, 2016

    They are fake. Adsense canceled my account in 3 weeks only – invalid activity. So they actually send bots or make a click fraud by encouraging visitors to click the ads. I reported to Adsense all the suspicious links delivering “traffic” to my account.Ive heard they have many paid reviews on websites.

  62. Hamza
    July 19th, 2016

    When using webtrafficgeeks, my money turns into a great value, I felt no regrets.

  63. EMBplc.com
    June 24th, 2016

    I want to increase traffic and I’m considering this service.
    They have allowed trial service? As their prices are not cheap.

    • Anonymous
      June 27th, 2016

      Yeah, they do. Just drop them an email and ask.

    • Anonymous
      July 7th, 2016

      Why have you rated them 5 stars if you havent used them yet?

  64. news plus india
    June 2nd, 2016

    i had brought first a traffic package for my site news plus india and it show the traffic and increased revenue in adsence, so i brought 7 time and payed more then 2600 usd. the revenue was increasing in the adsence and end of the month google cancel my adsence account and says its a invalid traffic. So guys, this people selling is not human traffic, this will kill your site and if you have adsence, it will get cancel. They are good is service, always reply on mail. but after i face problem, they never revert me and they didnt pay back the money also.

    • Anonymous
      July 7th, 2016

      Then why did u give them 5 stars? You are strange.

      • jane austen
        August 18th, 2016

        Man you obviously work for Webtrafficgeeks.org since you answer to every bad review and really doing a terrible job calling strange to an ex-client. Wouldn’t trust you

        • Anonymous
          September 6th, 2016

          Our name is Anonymous and we work for everyone 😉

  65. Paul Ford
    June 1st, 2016

    I used them and had mixed results. I’m not sure if they were sending not traffic or what. I’m going to try a couple more companies.

    Paul F.
    Vapes, vape pens, mods, e-juice

  66. paul
    May 3rd, 2016

    i just got my adsense report from their 5k traffic package telling me 50% of it is invalid…..have emailed support and waiting but not too hopeful despite the small profits im not sure its worth risking my adsense account with an invalid click providor

    • Anonymous
      July 18th, 2016

      I can’t see a 5k package on their website… Are you sure it’s the correct website you are reviewing? And if yes – can you let me know how did you get a small pack like that?

  67. Wim Schepens
    May 2nd, 2016

    Worst company ever:

    placed an order on 20/04
    payed directly
    21/04 request for information (no answer)
    25/04 cancel request

    No response on email and telephone

    26/04 first response when after request for cancel.
    Mails are answered in English while you write in dutch.

    Now one week later and still no money back

  68. Castino
    March 29th, 2016

    This is one of the traffic providers which offers quality traffic, I’m happy with what I got, though I would have liked more sign-ups. However, I made a small profit which is nice.

  69. John
    March 9th, 2016

    Not a good traffic. Very expensive and no results. Wasted my money on them

    • Kelly
      August 15th, 2016


  70. Steven
    February 22nd, 2016

    Not good. We checked all traffic and the location of where we were being emailed from by “support” lets just say it wasn’t the Netherlands.
    When a company has a telephone number that does not work you should I guess be cautious. We luckily only paid the minimum amount to test them first.
    And while they did reply to our emails voicing our concern of bot traffic, its a bit like somebody mugging you with a smile and an apology. At the end of the day you are still being mugged.

    • Anonymous
      March 26th, 2016

      Webtrafficgeeks is a Dutch company and their office is in Amsterdam, but their team is all over the World, not only in A-dam.

      • Hanna
        April 6th, 2017

        I will pay them a visit next month…let’s see how real they really are…also failing to find their registration number in the Dutch company registry…talking to a European here…

        • Webtrafficgeeks
          April 12th, 2017

          Hi Hanna,
          All our details are readily available on the website – including the VAT and KVK number.
          I assure you – we are as real as it gets 😉

  71. Catherine Rose
    January 29th, 2016

    I purchased website traffic from a few places to boost my site stats. webtrafficgeeks are the only ones to offer actual targeted traffic. We had a small glitch in the amount of time I received the traffic. I wrote to them, they took care of it immediately (over a weekend after a holiday no less) and I was back on track with receiving traffic daily. The traffic itself was wonderful – while I did not receive a conversion, what I did get were highly engaged individuals who went all over the site. They looked at the merchandise, read blog articles, placed items in the cart and in general picked up well on google stats. I who normally would not give five stars, would give six if I could. In the online world where most people promise the world and deliver not much, this was well worth it for me, I am upping it to a larger monthly subscription. I was that satisfied.

    • Hanna
      April 6th, 2017

      No conversions is a bad sign. 10.000 visitors to a HIGHLY converting sales pages, which has 1/8 conversion for free trial (that needs a credit card) from search and advertising sources. I got ZERO signups from Traffic Geek traffic in 1 month, although plenty of clicks on the link itself. This means the traffic is fake with 100 certainty.

      At first I thought their traffic looked good, they browsed around, spent reasonable amount of time on the site, clicked on the ads etc. However closer look by monitoring the IPs and sources showed that at least 60% of the traffic was fake. Expecting adsense to cancel my account soon.

      I also have my doubts of them sitting in Netherlands. I will pay their office in Amsterdam a visit next month and we see how real they are.

      • Webtrafficgeeks
        April 12th, 2017

        Hi Hanna,
        This is paid traffic (a lot colder than organic), so it can be very tricky with the conversions. Some of our clients are happy with the conversions, but unfortunately – we can’t guarantee that this will be the case for everyone.
        As for the “fake” bit – please contact our support with details, so we can look into it. We are a genuine traffic provider.
        And yes – our head office is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
        Just out of curiosity – why would we to pretend this to be the case if we’d be located somewhere else? 😉

          April 14th, 2017

          To contact you where? You don’t answer your phone and you cutoff the sign in info? You are total bull…

        • Webtrafficgeeks
          April 19th, 2017

          Zachary – there is a recorded message explaining that the phone number is a voice-to-email service and we ALWAYS reply if you leave us your email. Try it and you’ll be surprised! 🙂

          There is a contact form on the website as well. And yes – we ALWAYS reply here too.

          As for the “cutoff the sign in info” – not sure what do you mean.

          Take care!

  72. Anonymous
    December 10th, 2015

    I am not even getting any subscribtion
    I will not buy any of adds

    • Hanna
      April 6th, 2017

      then why give 5 stars?

  73. sam
    November 21st, 2015

    I’d like to have traffic to my website

  74. DaFontas
    May 5th, 2015

    I tried this website with the 10k package they offer on my Adsense website, and actually made some decent returns. I then optimised the hell out of my website and ran a 50k package, which proved to be profitable, made around $ 200.

    Currently on a subscription for 50k and creating more websites if I get paid through Adsense, luckily I’ve mixed up the traffic with real traffic, so I should be fine.

  75. Jane
    March 28th, 2015

    I was a little skeptical as i always am. But customer service was good. What i really liked about them is that they were honest. They never promised conversions but they promised visits. They even gave me 1k visit to try at first to see if i like them…. Unfortunately i have no conversion sales AND in google ananlytics it did not give a much analytics about the people only ips address.

    • Anonymous
      June 22nd, 2015

      “What i really liked about them is that they were honest.” – but oddly in a very dishonest but legal business.

      • Jayne
        September 9th, 2015

        Yes. I agree honest in a dishonest way. Not to mentioned they were a bit on the expensive side as well. :-/

        • Rik
          January 6th, 2016

          You guys are correct. They are honest in a dishonest way. And they are extremely expensive compared to their competition.

        • Dino
          June 23rd, 2016

          Riks, may i know who are their competitors?
          i just started my online marketing, so i have to survey some traffic provider. thx

    • Hanna
      April 6th, 2017

      No conversions at all from targeted traffic ALWAYS means fake. See my review above.

  76. Simon Parker
    September 30th, 2014

    Had a great time working with Webtrafficgeeks to build more traffic to my websites. The customer service was fantastic and very helpful. My team found that they had a lot of experience understanding media marketing. A professional company with fresh ideas, Webtraffic geeks provided just what they said they would. My team definitely appreciated the streamlined services.

    • Jiri
      December 24th, 2015

      Is there traffic from Poland, too?

      • Anonymous
        April 6th, 2016

        Yup – they seem to have most of countries available. When I needed something which wasn’t on their list they got it for me after some email exchange.

      April 14th, 2017

      Then you give them one star… while the geeks reply to the ads and give themselves 5 stars… Weird!

      • Peter
        March 29th, 2019

        Having said that, you gave 0 rating when your issue now is the reviewer mistake?

        You’re weirder.

        I’m giving 5 star to balance out his nonsense.

  77. Michael Crosby
    September 20th, 2014

    I would just like to say that Web Traffic Geeks helped my site out tremendously. I was able to get more traffic than I even paid for. They were fast, reliable, and completely efficient. I got exactly what I paid for and then some. I have tried other traffic services in the past and never got the results that Web Traffic Geeks was able to offer. Great service and affordable!

    • Anonymous
      August 7th, 2015

      Did you get any sales or results?

  78. Gail
    October 30th, 0206

    I fail to use this once but recovered it quickly through their support team,

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