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Thanks to the 1999 law, notaries have to make their prices transparent. This means it’s easier for comparison websites to give up to date information about notary pricing. On Notaristarieven, you can apply for multiple offers from various Netherlands-based firms for a selected number of specific legal documents. To test this out, we filled in ‘Zutphen’ and ‘Business Startup’ and looked at the results. Of the 24 firms (all located within 20 km) that made the list, 25% had no reviews at all; only 7 had a green, orange or red € sign but there were no indications of price. To see the prices, you need to contact the notary using the provided online form. So while this website advertises comparison of notary tariffs, and even calls itself Notaris Tariffs, this isn’t actually the case. You won’t find any prices on the website. The redeeming feature is that you’re promised an offer from the notaries you select within a couple of hours. But still, this is more a business directory than a price comparison site.

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