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Organic Traffic’s shop currently lists 862 different ways to buy organic traffic. This can be daunting unless you know exactly where you need to implement different traffic growth strategies. To be fair, many products are the same but have been separately listed according to geolocation. That means different listings for Google Search boosts in extremely specific locations, from Finland or Nigeria to Great Britain and the US.

The cartoon-style website doesn’t ooze professionalism, and neither does its English usage. But this is the place to go for lower cost plans developed to increase Google Search clicks, URL ratings, domain authority, referral and social media web traffic, and Alexa ranking. Based in Belize, Organic Traffic offers multiple payment options, including crypto and PayPal.

We like that only users who have purchased plans are permitted to leave reviews. Buy 500 US website visitors for as little as $3, or implement their highest priced item: a crowd-sourced tool that uses high-authority Tier 3 backlinks to boost your Google ranking in the country of your choice ($100).

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