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About is an online platform that provides a service to enhance website rankings by delivering real user sessions traffic. In an effort to assist businesses in improving their position on Google and Bing search engines, the platform provides an alternative to SERP Clicks, with pricing starting at $0.008 per click. The website also presents a free plan, which includes 300 clicks per month, with no credit card required.

Additionally, the platform provides country-level GEO targeting for Google Search, Google My Business, Bing Search, Bing Places for Business, YouTube video search, Etsy, and Direct URL. The service includes adblockers to avoid impacting ad placement and usage of mobile or desktop allocation, bounce rates, page views, session duration, day of the week allocation, browser timezone, and browser language. However, it is not explicitly mentioned whether the traffic is generated by humans or bots, or targeted in specific ways.

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  1. Pjotr
    September 11th, 2023

    After boosting 2 website for two months, no results. Waste of time and money!!


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