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You can get unique targeted visitors using the services provided by Traffic Masters. This alternative to standard SEO and online marketing can work quickly. They have kept their plans simple for quick purchases.

You may select regular web traffic, adult traffic, and Alexa traffic. Targeted web traffic costs $1.20 USD per 1,000 visitors. For Alex traffic, prices start at $2.42 for 1,000 unique visitors.

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  1. Lola
    May 29th, 2020

    incompetent, slow, and did not deliver

  2. Johnny Smith
    February 22nd, 2020

    Scam, avoid this company.

  3. Andre N R
    August 17th, 2019

    I found traffic masters few weeks ago, and sent an email to support asking a few questions about what links can be used, etc.. I got a reply within a few hours and they are professional in their responses. I’ve just bought a regular package for my aff link and going to see how it goes. Before engaging with traffic-masters, I had tried out another of their competitor and was quite disappointed with (the competitors) visitor delivery – having analysed the referrer traffic on google analytics, I had been getting bounce rates of 100% – which is not good at all and looked suspicious. So far, I’m hoping for great results.

  4. Paul Vickers
    August 11th, 2019

    I paid for the smallest amount of traffic to test them out on my e liquid website
    Absolutely zero extra traffic.
    will not respond to questions
    Will completely ignore your complaints
    They give zero f***s about you once they have your money.
    Google should their this website down

  5. Michelle
    April 1st, 2019

    No Website – they just stole my credit card number and put $50 on it. Thank goodness for fraud alert.

  6. TIM
    January 27th, 2019

    Traffic masters has not delivered the traffic i paid for will not respond to emails i wish i had read the reviews before buying, i would stay away bad company.

  7. Krx
    September 27th, 2018

    Pure Scam!
    Hopefully I was cautious enough to purchase smallest available package only.
    I monitored our website traffic with standard Cpanel stuff and Matomo (Ex Piwik)
    and we got ZERO new or more visitors over usual traffic.

  8. Andrej Rostov
    August 20th, 2018

    Clearly a scam, not receiving anything after ordering!! Stay away from this scam website!

  9. vic
    April 3rd, 2018

    agree with the posts below, no response from those guys ever since I placed my order (3 weeks so far). looks like they never monitor their website or orders. beware

  10. JMoss
    March 27th, 2018

    I add purchased two packages from them and have been monitoring the traffic very carfully with Google analytics. The traffic they push is far less then what I paid for. Also some of the traffic came via a bot ip out of the Dallas Tx area. Totally fake traffic that will not convert. Will not use again.

  11. Skybridge Domains
    March 21st, 2018

    David Gawler here from

    I just bought from and so far all going smoothly.

    I guess getting real traffic really depends on many factors regarding your web site and topic/niche/category. If you have a good and popular technology website then yes, its easier to get more unique visitors.

    no problems with here.

  12. wilcox
    November 20th, 2017

    I got what I paid for but there was no significant shift in the Google rating, so I have no idea if the cost was worthwhile.

  13. Lila Sovietskaya
    October 5th, 2017

    The service was thoroughly ineffective. A waste of money. Visitors is not same as Hits. Did not order again. We purchased 20000 Visitors for our Adult site and got 20000 ghosts

  14. Roman
    July 14th, 2017

    The campaign setup is slow, slow and weird response style (e.g. campaign credentials are always sent to the PayPal email address which in my case differed from the account email (there were multiple people involved in the project). Very rudimentary reporting (almost nothing except IPs and a current number of visitors). Not sure if it’s a good traffic provider, although not the worst one.

  15. Amigoz
    February 10th, 2017

    Hi i will going to buy traffic for my Mobiles specifications website .. in my website having google Adsense so these traffic r safe or not .. Please help me friends


  16. Ton
    September 1st, 2016

    After a slow start i got my package,
    took them less than 24 hours to activate, did spend some email’s before i got my first reaction.
    But now the campain is running, it seems i’m getting what i asked for GeoTargeting trafic, some times other country’s but mainly the demand.
    Support is a bit slow, but helpfull and kind.

    Will post end review when the campain ends.

  17. George
    August 24th, 2016

    Recently used them. They promised 10,000 visitors per month but so far have only had an average of 50 showing up per day in google analytics with no conversions or clicks.

    What they dont tell you about pop under traffic is that even if the site pops under the users screen and the user closes the pop under window without visiting myvsite – it still counts as a visit in their stats counter.

    I’d avoid pop under traffic sellers at all costs.

  18. Davide Lopez
    April 12th, 2016

    Ordered 50000 visitors for 70$ 8 days ago but got none so far and the campaign is still not running. No answer from support. It seems quite a bad service.

    • Davide Lopez
      April 16th, 2016

      Finally the support replied and I have got my traffic

      • Alex
        May 23rd, 2016

        Did you get any sign-ups or conversions?

  19. Robert
    April 1st, 2016

    These guys are the biggest scammers , I purchased from them 50,000 and I monitored the traffic on my analytics , and all the traffic from this IP (
    it is 100% computer bot and ) conversion . save your money guys .

  20. MMS
    March 10th, 2016

    Got traffic, So it does work… But customer service is NON existent.. They dont answer emails ..I know they read them but they never answer.. I would say if they had customer service then A+ Otherwise ??? I believe customer service means alot…

  21. A1 Media
    December 12th, 2015

    Our clients require a steady supply of traffic, we found that traffic masters pop under traffic works best for us and them.

    Good prices, fast support and most campaigns are up and running a few hours after ordering.

    Normally have promotions running so you can get more for your money


  22. Donna
    October 26th, 2015

    Lovely traffic supplier, we have been working with traffic masters for a few weeks and they always are happy to help me with any problems. Traffic is good and visitors seem to stick around on my store.


  23. Johnathan White
    October 16th, 2015

    This program is actually sending real targeted traffic unlike many other traffic providers and services out there that send fake traffic like and
    when traffic services sends fast traffic you know it’s fake.the traffic has to come
    in slow and then you get consistent high quality traffic to your lead capture page
    or salespage.the traffic prices are a little expensive but i definately recommend this program to anyone.

    • Enayet
      March 22nd, 2016

      Did it convert? Did you make profit? Thank you.

  24. GeoTravel
    October 13th, 2015

    Excellent service from traffic masters. A++

  25. Derek
    October 4th, 2015

    Ordered 100,000 visitors over the weekend, got some good results but not visits are tracked on my statscounter app.

    will order again

  26. Prosa Travel
    September 28th, 2015

    Fantastic provider, glad we found them

  27. Jonathon Whitlaw
    September 12th, 2015

    Been using this provider for a few months now, amazing support and decent traffic. if you ask live support for a coupon they should be able to give one out

    • Ice
      February 9th, 2016

      Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my qutneioss are answered!

  28. Regard
    May 19th, 2015

    Zero Support… I have sent numerous mails..
    Nada.. Nothing.. Campaign is not running. and I
    Cant get hold of anyone..

    • Atul rath
      February 19th, 2016

      Hi,my name is atul rath.I purchased traffic from traffic masters and didn’t get any traffic. I paid them $19.50 for 10000 visitors but nothing happen.They don’t respond. I think they are scam.

      • Lakshya
        October 5th, 2016

        After that did you receive the traffic ever Atul ji?

  29. Kelsie
    October 3rd, 2014

    I operate a small website in the USA and wanted real US visitors and that is what I got with Traffic Masters. Also, I was surprised by the amount of control I had over my campaign. I could also view analytics listing the number of visitors I received, the duration of their visits, and other info. I plan on using Traffic Masters again and would suggest you do the same if you want to increase your visitors.

  30. Andrew Morton
    August 17th, 2014

    What can I say? Traffic Masters provides a basic service and they delivered. I paid for 40,000 visitors to my site and got it as promised. I have never used a service like this before, so I was happy to find that Traffic Masters gave me what I wanted and more.

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