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Ultimate Web Traffic has a selection of web traffic packages at decent prices for when you want an alternative method of gaining more visitors to your website. You can choose regular targeted traffic, alexa traffic, adult traffic, US states targeted traffic and also premium website traffic.

Use Ultimate Web Traffic to target visitors in over 60 countries. There are various options, including time span, country, and niche. Their plans start at $65 USD for 10,000 unique visitors. .

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  1. Stanley Mburu
    June 16th, 2020

    I love the services and great customer…

  2. Roberto Monasterio Breton
    June 3rd, 2020

    I haven’t tried WebTrafficGees yet, their prices being higher than other website traffic providers make them look good.

    WebTrafficGees offers money back guarantee which looks good.

    WebTrafficGees has a wide range if niche targeting as well as geotargeting, which looks good.

    Their support staff is based in Netherlands which looks good.

    This is what I would do: test try the $35 dollar for 5,000 visitors package of UltimateWebTraffic which has a better user rating than WebTrafficGees. If the test goes okay and considering that WebTrafficGees was voted best seller of website traffic of 2019 then you will have two good traffic sources to tap.


  3. Josh L
    May 6th, 2020

    The website works better and traffic is much better too. However, still no conversions for me, but my websites was loading slow because I bought too much traffic I guess.

  4. Joseph Capozza
    August 30th, 2019

    I hope there are going to be conversions and sales. In the meantime, I’m giving this a 3. But no one has reported any conversions and sales from this.

  5. Max
    March 5th, 2019

    Good traffic, thanks!

  6. Richard Navil
    February 4th, 2019

    poor quality traffic I’ve tried for my cpa campaigns and not generate 1 single profit. Lost money.

    • Support Team
      February 27th, 2019

      We are truly sorry for your bad experience with our services. We are at all time certain that 100% of our traffic is legit and we make sure that costumers are getting the best service, as they always deserve it. Feel free to reach us through our site’s contact form so we can make sure all your concerns are addressed on the right place.
      Support team

    • Alex
      March 7th, 2019

      this traffic helped me

  7. Barron
    January 31st, 2019

    Nice traffic

  8. Parrish
    January 31st, 2019

    I can say it’s Excellent!

  9. Isaac
    January 3rd, 2019

    This one is a reliable traffic ad. No scam, no tricks, no low quality.

  10. Ilie
    December 11th, 2018

    This site she make from a pic to be like a video .I do not think he offers human traffic just bots.
    I buy from them without any change for my site

  11. Ilie
    December 10th, 2018

    For bye websitetraffic evryone must be log in to amazon .
    I do not agree with this account for this site . Please remove this log in !

  12. Gianna
    November 29th, 2018

    Recently this traffic ads caught my attention. I maybe try this as I read a lot of reviews from the other blogs and mostly are positive feedback,

  13. Simeon Marquez
    October 29th, 2018

    I ordered more than 10 from this traffic. No errors so far, all are good quality. Very helpful to my website.

  14. Rudolph
    October 13th, 2018

    Excellent! Time will come that website owners(big or small business) will surely need this one.

  15. Freya
    September 11th, 2018

    I like this much!. Thanks for that helpful article

  16. Dixon
    April 21st, 2018

    Perfect for my business!

  17. Big O SEO
    March 19th, 2018

    If you pay attention to the reviews, you’ll note that without the replies from the company, the overall review rating would be very low.

    Beware. Buying traffic is dangerous – do not take even a potential risk on doing it.

  18. Leighton
    July 29th, 2017

    Been tried this a few months ago and it is proved that they really are good and can be trusted.

  19. Dustin
    June 5th, 2017

    Well good delivery. I will use this again soon. 🙂

  20. Rowena
    May 17th, 2017

    One of the successful traffic ads platform, good job.

  21. MiceTrap
    May 8th, 2017

    I’ve Bought 4 adult traffic packages over the course of 3 months, these are the best! Their other forms of traffic are of lower quality, so that’s why I deducted one star from my final rating.

  22. Roman
    April 25th, 2017

    Didn’t work for me. My money is down. No emails, no answers, nothing.

    • Ultimatewebtraffic
      April 26th, 2017

      Hi Roman,
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience, however I can assure you that we answer each and every message. Please drop us an email at support@ultimatewebtraffic.com and we’ll make sure that we will send you some extra traffic to keep you happy!

    • Wenzel
      July 24th, 2017

      So it happened to me. No response, no traffic, nothing. Money is spent in vain. I write in support, but no answer.

    • Wenzel
      July 24th, 2017

      I apologize for the negative feedback, the problems have been on our side. Support went out, great guys.

      • UltimateWebTraffic
        July 26th, 2017

        Thank you very much for clarifying the situation.
        All the best!

  23. Zachary
    February 15th, 2017

    This is better now.

  24. AffiliateBeast
    February 13th, 2017

    I have bought a package last week and traffic has been flowing steadily since. It’s a nice addition to my other traffic sources. It’s hard to measure real ROI because I’m mixing it with other sources to my affiliate offers, but it seems to perform well, all fingerprints I have in place seem fine.

    • Yaaahi
      March 21st, 2017

      Could you say witch other traffic sources do you use?

  25. lonewolfieboy
    May 11th, 2016

    Extremely poor company. And what is your algorithm for placing website? The low start and less rated companies are best rated? really? Traffmagic has 4.44 rating out of 5 but it’s not in top 3 but a company with lousy traffic and services are there. and you guys mentioned contact page but there is no way to contact you guys at all not a single email. secondly, my reviews aren’t get published this review site still operating or not.

    Thank You

    • Yaaahi
      March 21st, 2017

      Do you use traffmagic??

  26. Waynne Smith
    April 7th, 2016

    All the traffic arrived in the two hours of the early morning – very strange to find that many targeted people around and online, I requested US targeted traffic but most visitors came from Korea.

    I purchased traffic over 30 days it was all delivered in about 21 days.

    Adsense earnings jumped up noticeably – BUT all of the extra revenue has been clawed back at the end of the month as invalid traffic so no profit no conversions.

    On other sites we saw no enquiries, just views of a contact us page and lots of clicks spread very evenly around the site.

    People did appear to be clicking around the site and looking at pages but I was suspicious this included the terms of business page which usually fewer than 0.5% of people read.

    • Usman ghani
      May 2nd, 2016

      this is called a software traffic/ip traffic which does actually view the pages. etc but they are same ip’s which google has in their spam list.

    • news plus india
      June 2nd, 2016

      i had brought first a traffic package for my site news plus india and it show the traffic and increased revenue in adsence, end of the month google cancel my adsence account and says its a invalid traffic. So guys, this people selling is not human traffic, this will kill your site and if you have adsence, it will get cancel. After i had the problem from google, they never revert me and they didnt pay back the money also. Be careful.

      • ultimatewebtraffic.com
        June 27th, 2016

        We’re sorry to hear about your issues with Adsense, however we do warn about that in our FAQ. There is always a certain level of risk involved when you send paid traffic to an ad displaying website. We advise caution when using it for that purpose.
        We work with human visitors only.

      • Johnson
        September 2nd, 2016

        Traffic this company is ********. Profit zero! I think it’s bots. The answer is very late. AdSense in the beginning of the month a complete zero!!! Save your time, invest money in promotion of the site! And at this company do not buy!

  27. Johan
    February 16th, 2016

    Hi, i have done a review of another really cheap traffic service its called Bitbillions Traffic Monster. Please check my blog. Thank you!

    • Marcelo Andrade
      March 23rd, 2016

      Where is the link?

  28. Josh Ventura
    December 11th, 2015

    The quality of traffic has increased significantly since their new version. The website works better and traffic is mcuh better too. However, still no conversions for me, but my websites was loading slow because I bought too much traffic I guess.

    Anyway, thumbs up.

  29. Miquel
    September 11th, 2015

    This has given me buenas resuldados! Thanks, legit.

  30. Daniel
    July 6th, 2015

    How do this companies get traffic to the websites ??

  31. Dmitry Petrov
    June 19th, 2015

    Good quliaty traffic, I have ordered 5 times now.

  32. Chan
    April 8th, 2015

    Didn’t work for me, thought the traffic isn’t expensive, I did not make a profit.

    • mat mathias
      July 16th, 2016

      It’s nice to make money on the front end but this is getting increasingly unlikely. Don’t want to insult you but are you capturing their emails? are they then directed to a funnel? is there an oto? upsell? downsell? popup? exit pop?

      I’d love to see the offer that makes money on it’s own


  33. Alex
    April 4th, 2015

    Great service. have used their Alexa traffic and SEO packages and has worked out for me very well. Highly Recommanded

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