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About Zoekjenotaris.nl

Like the name suggests, Zoekjenotaris (find your notary) is a directory of Netherlands-based legal advice and help. You also get the opportunity to receive multiple quotes from interested parties when you fill in the type of legal document you need and your name and address. This help is limited to 11 deeds, acts, agreements and certificates: deeds of conveyance, mortgage deeds, prenuptial agreements, wills, registration of a new company, foundation or association, certificates of inheritance, cohabitation agreements, partnership registrations and amendments to these legal documents. While the site isn’t very user friendly unless all you want is a quote from multiple notaries, click on the highlighted city name on the Most Recent Quote Applications at the bottom of the homepage. This brings you to a long page full of interesting information about the different documents a notary is responsible for and, in many cases, a table which lists the average price per document. Those tables are the equivalent of a quote but you don’t need to fill in any personal data to view them.

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